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What kind of message should we put on a baby shower cake for a girl?

We are having a baby shower for a guy here at work. His wife is having their second daughter and Im trying to figure out a cute/funny phrase to put on the cake..I'm not sure on what color or theme for the cake, pink seems to ordindary..Please help! :)


  1. Sugar & Spice and Everything nice! Any color pastel green, orange, lavender, yellow.
  2. "its raining, its pouring!"
  3. use pink frosting and write something like "it's a girl!!"
  4. When people found out we were having a second daughter, they razzed my husband endlessly about being outnumbered 3 to 1, and told him he could say goodbye to the bathroom. You could put something on the cake to that effect. You're in for it buddy! seems a little too menacing, but you know what I mean! :) Maybe something like, You're such a ladies man, or The ladies just won't stay away! If you don't want to do pink as the main color, how about purple? You could still do a little pink here and there as an accent. Really, any soft baby colors are good for girls. Pink and green seems to be a popular combination for girls right now as well. If you really get stuck on the traditional cake, think about a diaper cake. They're made from disposable diapers that are usable for the baby, but they would also make the perfect gift from a group at the office! Too cute, have a look. Enjoy the baby shower!
  5. I would use a light purple.And I would put "its one of the cutest girls we've seen yet"
  6. Well decorate it with a guy holding his head in his hands and saying" Oh no not another one". Light pruple shoudl do the trick.
  7. " THREE AGAINST ONE -------- MAN YOU ' RE DONE " Something with an "odds" theme to it. Decorate with baby bottles and dice. White cake w/white icing Trimmed with Black and Pink Stay classy and not gaudy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Have a Blast" !!!!
  8. White with yellow ribbons is feminine. You know the person you are making this for more than anyone out here, so try to think what would be sensitive to that person. You could be uplifting and you could say. "Blessed Twice, with Sugar and Spice"