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Good flavors for a Baby Shower cake?

I had orignally planned to have a professional make the cake for the baby shower I am throwing for a friend, but after getting quotes...I have decided to just make it myself. What would be some good flavors other than white and chocolate?


  1. Lemon! My daughter's wedding cake was lemon with a raspberry filling. We liked it so much, we got the same thing for her baby shower.
  2. If it's going to be w/in the next couple of months, lemon would be refreshing for the summer. the only thing is that some people may not care for lemon. if you want to do something other than vanilla or chocolate, you might have the problem of not everyone liking the flavor. have you considered making different flavored cupcakes and putting them on a cupcake tower?
  3. How about an orange and poppyseed cake with creamy mascarpone icing....or a tower of cupcakes in assorted flavours and colours....Have fun :)
  4. coconut
  5. Directions For Pineapple Baby Shower Cake Make two regular sponge cakes, and soak them in pineapple juice. Layer them with whipped cream and pineapples in the centre. Top it with whipped cream, cherries and pineapples. This cake is very fresh in taste, and texture. I've also included a website for the directions for making a babies block cake (Photo is included).
  6. How about strawberry vanilla? raspberry cheesecake? Have you thought about getting a diaper cake instead? It is the current trend for baby shower, it is practical and cute too. Feel free to contact me if you need one. Have a wonderful baby shower.