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Airplane decorations on baby shower cake?

Im havin a biplane themed baby shower cause im havin a boy and his room is decorated with planes... I need to get the cake for the shower but dont know where to go to get either a biplane drawn on top, or where to get miniature airplanes to put on top of the cake...Ive tried lots of craft stores and what not for mini planes but cant find any... Any suggestions?? Thanks guys!


  1. Is there a plane in his room that you could place on top of the cake? If not, perhaps searching the internet for model Bi-Planes and or miniature Bi-Planes. If you have a picture of a Bi-Plane, there are ways that you can have an edible picture placed on the cake. It sounds adorable! Search the internet for edible pictures for cakes....but here's one to get an idea of what I'm talking about:
  2. Michaels should have little wooden 3D planes...the ones with the bald unpainted wood. They should also have the painted 2D may also want to check HOBBY LOBBY, if there is one in your area. I know the ones in Phoenix had them a couple of months ago (we did a cake that featured biplanes and locomotives) I know my local craft stores did have it and, if need be, I can go have a look-see for you and mail you a few!! (Seriously) Celebrating baby is a serious business......we understand!