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what to write on a baby shower cake?

my cousin is having a baby girl her shower is this weekend. i am not sure what to write on the cake. please help!


  1. could always go with 'its a girl!'
  2. You could just do a cute pink bow, or pink sprinkles instead of writing something. Otherwise "Congrats!" or "Baby on the Way" would be appropriate
  3. good job on procreating
  4. I have seen so many. The one that stuck was Goodbye tummy hello mummy. or mommy depending on what you prefer :)
  5. gu gu ga ga
  6. Congradulations!! its a girl??? that works well :)
  7. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!
  8. "Congratulations ____________ " Insert cousins name in the blank or if it is a couples shower then put her name and the baby's fathers name. Otherwise "It's a Girl!" always works :)
  9. It depends on the mothers age and if the mother is married to the father, if this woman is over 25 and is married then write "Contratulations! Its a Girl!", if not then do not attend the shower, it will just make you look like a floosey.
  10. Simple things like: 1. It's a girl! 2. Congrats! 3. (her name)
  11. Mine said "welcome baby Colin!" my cousins said "congrats Vicky & Chris!" another said "welcome to the world" I found a hilarious one online that had a icing woman giving birth to an icing baby and it said "push, Olivia, push!" which ironically enough is my name lol or it could say "(Im)patiently waiting on [insert baby's name]" Hope I helped a little
  12. "Sugar and spice, and everything nice" from the poem... A Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme What are Little Boys made of poem What are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails That's what little boys are made of !" What are little girls made of? "Sugar and spice and everything nice That's what little girls are made of!"
  13. Baby Girl on the way! or Baby ----- on her way!
  14. I always thought it was cute when women write "welcome" on the top part of the came and the baby's name on each layer of the cake below. For example (made up name ) Jake (top layer) Lyod (middle) Madeup (bottom piece). But, that's just a suggestion.