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What should be written on a Baby Shower cake?

I would like to put a nice sentiment on it not just congrats! She's having a girl and her name is Alexis


  1. Hope everything POPS out ok
  2. "Here's to your new baby girl" "Congrats! It's a girl" "Here's to your bundle of joy" "Welcome Alexis" "Warm wishes for your baby girl" "God bless your new arrival"
  3. Showers of blessings for baby Alexis What are little girls made of? Sugar & Spice & all things nice! Coming soon to a crib near you: Alexis!
  4. Bippity Boppity Bumble Bee Alexis is what her name will be! A precious little girl is on the way, let's celebrate before the big day!
  5. to the new little angel alexis.
  6. Welcome to the World, Alexis!
  7. its a girl named alexis yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i like bye
  8. my mom just ordered my sisters baby shower cake yesterday she is also haveing a girl my mom did pink booties and pink rattles on her cake she had it written ........... hugo and michel's little one and she also had a stork