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What do you think of this baby shower cake?

I would love to try to make something like this but it looks so too hard to make but can you believe how this looks so real?


  1. wow, i bet that took days and alot of skill! Very awesome though.
  2. that is just freaky
  3. unfortunately, that cake scares me. seriously. but it is creative! =]. i love creative cakes. I'm sure if you ask a person who makes cakes professionally or whatever, they could do it! and bring them the photo too. =]
  4. My aunt did something very similar it is not that hard it just takes patience. There are book in stores like Michael's that can help you. Be aware though that it is actually not frosting, but something much harder. Sorry I can't remember what it is called. Just check out the books though, there are special molds to help you too. Good luck.
  5. It does look real. But, it sorta looks like a "dead" baby. Sorta like in a coffin @ a funeral. It kinda gives me the creeps. Sorry.
  6. Good luck! That looks tough! That was definetly made by a professional. If you are a good cake maker I would give it a try, otherwise I would find something simpler.
  7. scary~~~
  8. amazing. They must have made a mold out of a doll's head or something. Looks like fun to make. i'm sure if you have the right tools you'll do a great job. Looks like a lot of it was airbrushed.
  9. wow that sure is something! I would make a cake from a box mix! lol. Or buy a fake one that looks like that picture and just tell people they cant eat it! :-) just kidding. Really, that is a beautiful cake. Bet you could order one like that, for about a million bucks! I hate icing now im pregnant, so im having cherry pie for my baby shower. Isnt that something? lol. good luck and congratulations!
  10. That is massively creepy. First of all, it looks like a dead baby. Second, You want me to cut into that and eat it?
  11. that cake is beautiful....i love it!!!!!!
  12. wow that is very nice. it looks like it may take time. and lots of concentration. but that is a good cake to make for a baby shower. that would be great.
  13. I wouldn't eat that cake. Because: 1. It's perfectly beautiful. 2. It's like eating a baby, eewww. If you want it as decoration only, yes, but for eating, no.
  14. eww thats scary
  15. I think its really amazing how real it looks, but it would feel like your cutting up a baby and eating it....weird and disturbing.
  16. that's awsome yet very creepy it looks like a dead baby