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What should you print on a cake for a baby shower?

I am ordering a cake for a baby shower for a co-worker and we are not sure what to print on it...Congrats? Good Luck?? Welcome to the world? I'm just looking for opinions on whats the best to say. Thanks


  1. the baby's name
  2. Oops, I did it again?
  3. picture of a penis if its a boy. picture of boobs if its a girl
  4. When I had my shower, the people throwing it had a stork on it and the words "congratulations" That should be enough
  5. mommy
  6. Congratulations! Your vag will never be the same.
  7. How about "Awww its a wittle bazy girl!!!" or "What a woozy wittle baby boy!"
  8. Happy Birthday? Congrats sounds good to me.
  9. Probably her name and the date of the baby shower. Ex: Nicole's baby shower 12/01/06
  10. My baby shower was on sat and i love Winnie the pooh so my mom did that theme and then it said "Welcome Baby" (because we don't have a name yet!).
  11. I think a stork, balloon, teddy bear...cutesy stuff like that!
  12. congrats! it's a boy(girl)!
  13. just a simple "Congradulations" will be fine.
  14. Welcome New Arrival. with a stork carrying a baby
  15. I would write : Congrats on your little cutie !!!
  16. Cograts!!! on your New Baby and maybe a picture of her on it
  17. If you do not know the sex of the baby you can put "Pink or Blue We Welcome You!" Or Congratulations on your Upcoming Addition.
  18. put a baby on it for the baby shower
  19. HELLO baby! GOODBYE belly!!! and then congrats "mom's(and dad's) name"
  20. The most creative one I've seen, and I've been to many, was "Happy Labor Day". sad, huh? good luck! Showers of joy, come girl or boy....congrats!
  21. For my baby shower we had a cake with "blocks" on it that spelled out Madeleine. For my sisters we put Baby Blake on the blocks. We had a 1/2 sheet cake made and then bought little debbie devil food squares. We covered the devil's food squares in icing to match the cake and put the letters on each one.
  22. The sweetest gifts come in small packages Congratulations
  23. Congradulations on your new addition~~ always works!!! think how close you are with the co worker!!! you can put something simple or something from the heart, just depends on how close you are!!! you dont even have to say anything you can put a pic down instead
  24. Congrads It's a Boy/Girl
  25. How about a transfer of a stork and baby in a bundle in complimentary baby colors if sex is known or neutral colors, and BUNDLES OF WISHES FOR THE LITTLE ONE.... or BEST WISHES to the LITTLE ONE!!!! I saw a MOM and a DAD (transfer print) holding a baby with the words: "one + one +one = FAMILY" Congrats.....
  26. How about "I hope you learn from this experience..." seriously, shower is for the folks, not the baby - so make it "Congratulations on the new arrival"
  27. i had one made, a sheet cake ,cut into squares and a pair of little booties on each sq. we alternated the colors, one pair blue, one pair pink ,one pair yellow.a little rattle as a center piece and it was cute.we didn't write anything on it.
  28. "Coming Soon to a Cradle Near You...Baby So-And-So!"