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ideas how to make bday cake with dora AND elmo?

I'd like to make my daughter a bday cake with both dora and elmo on it (sheet cake, 2 tiered, whatever) BUT... I have absolutly no creativity, so i'm racking my brain for ideas on how to put one together, but i'm coming up with nothing. could you people possibly give me ideas on how to do this? and yes i've searched google, i can find dora cakes, and elmo cakes, but not the two combined.


  1. make a jungle on the cake, with dora doing her explorer thing, and have elmo in a tree or something, waving to dora. there you go, and happy birthday to your daughter!
  2. Being you're doing 2 tiers, how about Dora on one tier and Elmo on the other tier. You can also do them holding hands, or what about if you can find either chararater with their hands in the air, you can do them side by side looking like they're giving each other a high five.
  3. If your children still like dora and elmo then they won't pay very much attention to the detail of the cake as long as elmo and dora are there.
  4. Sounds like my 2-1/2 yr. old granddaughter:) Those are HER 2 favorites! ..... You can find Elmo and Dora cupcake papers at Michaels - and probably the cake pans too. So, you could either make 2 batches of cupcakes (with red and pink frostings & Elmo/Dora toppers), or make 2 different cakes in those pans. I've seen little Elmo cakes at Kroger, and I'm sure they have Dora too; so you could always buy them:)
  5. in most supermarkets they should have these little candy things that you put on cakes or cupcakes, they have most charecters. you could also get dora, and elmo candles. Hope i helped!
  6. Walmart bakery sells both of those theme cakes and can make one especially for you just the way you want it without having to stress. Plus it'll be much cheaper.