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What do you think of this Candy Cake idea?

I know I asked this question before, but I want some other ideas. Me and my one friend are having this cooking contest at her dad's party on Teusday, and 3 friends of hers and I are going to make 2 or three cakes for the party. I was thinking of like Putting down some chocholate graham crackers, then melt some Reeses peanut butter cups, then, mix some crunched up Twixes up with the Reeses, then, put some 3 Musketeers on, and then put some whipped cream on it? I know (for those of you who already read/answered this question), that I changed it up a bit, but o well. I wanted to make individual cake things, so then It would be easier to make. What do you think? Does it sound good? Please leave suggestions. Execpt things about Twinkies. Please make the recipe short enough that I can make it in about an hour. Sorry, wrong section.


  1. I think the candy cake idea is perfect i had a cake one time with reeses hersey kisses snickers kitkat twix and many more chocolate candies on top and it was delicious so go ahead and make it it sounds terrific