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Wedding Cakes?

I would really like a simple White Wedding cake, but I am having trouble finding any designs that don't include flowers or silver balls! Does anyone know of any websites with simple elegant cake pictures? Thanks


  1. for pure class and sophistication i always use ASDA there even online
  2. If you're not buying it off-shelf, then you can specify whatever you want. The baker can advise on options, or you can try buying some wedding magazines - one of them is bound to have something.
  3. I was quoted £100 from a local baker for an absolutely plain white 3 tier cake. Then found one in Tescos for £30. I'll be going with Tescos!
  4. why don't you get some basic ideas from various pictures, but redesign them yourself (deleting the frills and frou frou!).
  5. Marks and Spencer do plain cakes in various sizes, they are white with no decoration on them, so you can add whatever you want, or don't want in this case.
  6. 1. search in google
  7. Unfortunatley, when you visit a wedding website they will have pictures of EVERYTHING. I do suggest checking out Martha Stewart Weddings as her site seems to cater to simple designs. has a HUGE gallery of cakes with a lot of simple designs mixed in. will take some leg work and a few minutes of clicking through slideshows but in the end its worth it if you find what you are looking for. Good Luck!
  8. This has flowers on top, but you can see the whole cake without the flowers easily.
  9. Call your local bakery and describe the simple white cake you'd like. Ask for suggestions. Avoid using the word wedding, you'll pay less!
  10. Im not sure where exactly you live but go to This is where i got my cake from and they do whatever you ask them to. Whatever you get, and apart from that, it doesnt taste like your ordinary wedding cake. They use any flavor you ask them to use and it is soooooooooo delicious!! They are very unique and definitely woirth it. You wont regret it!
  11. Try tesco or asda there on the net aswell
  12. They have some on and
  13. Unfortunately most cakes you will see in books, magazines or online will be decorated quite elaborately. My only suggestion would be is to find some that have very simple decorations and then take it to your baker. Tell them this is the style cake I want minus the flowers, dots, lines etc.. They will help you get the cake of your dreams. Here are a few pics of some plain cakes I could find.
  14. have you seen waitrose website. they have some nice simple designs as do M & S.
  15. will give you some ideas, you can combine several elements to make your own cake! Congratulations! :D
  16. Marks and Spencer do a plain, white, three tier cake, serves 74, for £49.50. The cake is delicious. You can get it in a larger size if necessary. Bargain.
  17. what i did for the wedding cake itself was this.. i did on square on bottom, then a smaller ontop of that one and then a small round one on the very top and had a ribbon that went on the sides and bottom of the cake to make it look like a huge christmas present b/c thsat is what i did b/c we got married at christmas time.. it was soo pretty.. i did a cheesecake filling with a plain white cake for the outside. good luck and congrats
  18. Marks and Spencers, you can decorate them whatever way you want, they come plain, check out their website, plus the cakes are gorgeous
  19. try here for some ideas and keep in mind you can take ideas from various cakes you like and then ask the cake designer to combine theme to be a cake you like.
  20. try m&s or tesco if a bakers is boing it for you them tell them what you want
  21. Create your own. If you go to your local bakery they will help deisgn your perfect wedding cake. Decorate your cake with something your fiance and you both like.
  22. Don't know where in the world you are, but I got my very simple three tiered wedding cake from Waitrose. Plain white with a simple ribbon. We added the flowers ourselves. They had loads of options, including one tier and really fancy so you should find something you like. It was also really cheap - about £30. Hope this helps and enjoy your day. Remember that there are more important things than the cake.
  23. why dont you look local not a shop someone that does it from home and they will make it for you exactly what you want