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which one of these wedding cakes do you like better?

which of these 2 cakes do you prefer? I love them both & having trouble deciding. I'm after a simple, elegant look.... cake 1: -without the flowers on the top cake 2: -cake IS white, looks yellow in the picture I'd like some outsiders opinions & perspectives. =) just so you all know, I'm going for a very SIMPLE look. I don't like overly decorated cakes.


  1. I like them both (but I prefer #1)
  2. Neither of them are really my cup of tea, they both seem a little flat to be honest, but if I had to pick one it would be the first picture.
  3. Their both pretty plain but really pretty. I like them both equally. Whatever one you want on your big day!
  4. i prefer the cake number 2. the bigger bows give that little extra :)
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  6. Ohh, they both lovely!! Honestly, i think the second one stood out to me. Saying that though, they are both relativley similar, so either one would look great! Congrats!
  7. Personally, I think the first cake is extremely beautiful (even with the flowers!) It's gorgeous and really captures the 'simple and elegant' look you're going for! The second one is also pretty, but it looks a little TOO simple. The little silver balls at the bottom of the 1st cake adds a classy feel. Ultimately, the final decision is yours, but the first one is definitely gorgeous.
  8. cake number one is my pick # 2 is pretty but there's nothing special about it at all
  9. i think cake number 2 is beautiful but i wouldnt have the silver hearts on the top layer, it almost cheapens the whole look
  10. I love the simplicity and elegance of number 2. I like the bows with the rhinestones in the center like that. I personally think number one is mediocre but if you're trying to make a decision go for what you love best!
  11. I like this cake
  12. I like # 2 , it is just beautiful! Will the ribbons match the bride maids dresses? That would look great. You've got good taste.
  13. Number two . Good luck
  14. I like the second better. I like it when the layers are more uniform in style. The point of interest with this one is two bows, which are placed perfectly. I do not care for the rhinestone hearts AT ALL... really cheapens the look of the cake. The first is ok, but I think way too much going on visually. Each layer has a different scheme, and I dont like that. Again, the rhinestones look cheap. I happen to like the flowers on top, and if I drew inspiration from this I would probably keep the flowers on top, and decide on one design scheme for the rest of the cake.
  15. I prefer the second one. The first looks a bit stark and bright and rigid. I like the bows on the second, it just gives it a more relaxed look while still looking elegant :) Just a bit more girly than the first.
  16. Both are nice, but I'd go for #1. I prefer the flowers over the bows.
  17. I prefer cake #1. Though both are similar in styling, I find that #1 is more appealling. I like it with the flowers on top as opposed to the bows of the second one. In addition, I think the differentiation of each layer via decorative effects gives the cake a little something that is more unique as opposed to the second one, so it still retains its clean lines and simplicity but does so I feel with more formality and whimsy.
  18. I like #1. I like the sugar flowers on top and the quilting. Its sparkly, and the flowers on top give it a cake topper feel and make it seem more like a wedding cake IMHO. If you are looking at price, #2 will most likely be the cheaper option because those are satin bows, (not fondant/sugar) and there are no sugar flowers, and no quilting detail.
  19. I actually like the second one better although I think they both are very classy.I just think two is a little less glitzy even though it looks like it has two brooches and two silver hearts. Good Luck
  20. I love number 2--very elegant :) I think it'd look better without the hearts, though.
  21. I like the first one. It's simple, but pretty and elegant.
  22. I love #2.Thats beautiful.You said your going for a simple look,but girl that is elegant.Go with #2.
  23. I prefer #1 - very simple and elegant. The 2nd one almost looks TOO plain and boring, which is then offset by two over-sized, overly flashy black bows. I was also thinking - What's on the other side of that cake? Nothing? Or are there also bows on that side? Are there hearts? Presuming that everyone will get a 360-view of the cake, I think it'll be way too plain on the 3 sides with no bows and no hearts. Good luck and congratulations!!
  24. I love cake 2. It's reeeaaalllly beautiful.