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Please help!!! Urgent?

I need pictures of simple preferably 1 or 2 tier wedding cakes that would be easy to achieve. I dont mind what colour, whether it is classic or contemporary i dont mind so long as it is a wedding cake Please dont tell me just type it into google because i can't find much. Thanks PLEASE I NEED 1 OR 2 TIER CAKES, I NEED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE IT EASILY WITHIN 2 HOURS PREFERABLY


  1. have a look at m&s food, they have wedding cakes there, or i remember seeing a marshmallow cake, just 3 normal cakes tiered then have a cascade of pink and white marshmallows tumbling down. i wanted that one for my wedding but mummy never bought me it :(
  2. pictures can be found under flckr on yahoo home page
  3. I once saw a tiered cake stand full of many pretty cup cakes all different all special and it was stunning. No need to have a knife in your hand as you start your married life. Here is a link
  4. check out the ace of cakes web site
  5. Go to for lots of amazing pictures. You could have just typed it into your browser to get lots of good sites. Good luck.
  6. Type in 'cake icing' or 'sugar craft' in google under images
  7. Try these pages: OR OR
  9. Try -
  10. I would suggest going into your local library and finding some books on cakes. They have quite a good selection in my library on cakes so hopefully yours does too!