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What do you say in a group apology letter for a delayed wedding?

My wedding ceremony was delayed by 2 hours. I feel so bad for my guests who were gracious enough to wait around for me. Everything just went completely wrong that day. I had no music, no cake and the hairdress double booked my appointment. Most of our family showed up late as well. Some were even responsible for bringing items for and/or coordinating certain parts of the reception and did not show up. Those who did though were very understanding and helped out when the time became necessary. I would like to send each guest a personalized magnet with our wedding picture and have considered sending an apology letter for the delay in the event and so on. I am not sure if this is appropriate. Should I send them a simple thank you note and not mention anything about the disaster that occured on my wedding day or should I send an apology letter also thanking the guest for their attendance at the ceremony and reception?


  1. If you send a letter, don't get all drippy about it, just say you are sorry about the delay, but sometimes things just don't go smoothly as you would like, if they are family and friends they will understand. Sorry, to hear about everything going wrong but at least the most important thing is done, you got married Good luck
  2. A Thank you not is more than enough. You can add something with some humor with it, or mention the delay, but don;t make it a self0pity speech. You can write: Having you in our wedding was our greatest gift, some things may have not gone as planned, but your presence made was what made our day special. Good luck
  3. Just send a quick note to say how much you appreciated them staying even after unexpected events occured which were out of your control . I hope that you will accept my apology on this delicate matter . word it like that and they will understand what you are talking about . I am glad that you got married anyway and congrats .
  4. Sweet pea if you feel like you have to apologize then do so, short 'n' sweet but..... everybody's wedding has something that goes wrong some are big and noticable and some are small and just as noticable....thats what makes your day ....your day! Send your thank you notes and know that on your 25th Anniversary you going to have a great laugh! congratulations!!!
  5. Sure. It shows you were concerned and appreciative that they were all there. A sample letter could be: Dear John and Betty Thank you so much for the money/gift! We are so excited to use it. Thank you also for coming to the wedding. It was great to see you there! We apologize for the delays that afternoon but are so glad you were there to support us! We have included a personalized magnet with this note to Thank you for attending. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers as we embark on this great adventure! Love Us. Something like that. You don't have to make a big deal about it. If the guests stayed then they had a good reason and you should thank them for it. Its over, they have probably moved on and forgotten about the delays and other disasters. It didn't ruin their lives and didn't ruin yours. Just make sure they know you appreciate that they waited and are thankful for their presence that day. Nuff said. Hope that helps
  6. I think it's a nice idea to send a letter applogizing for the delay...but make it sort and sweet...they dont need to know all the details. Say, "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patience in the delay of the ceremony and applogize for any inconvience this may have caused. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and I appriciate your understanding."Then you can thank them personally for anything they did to help smooth out the rough edges once things got back on the ball.
  7. I would just send thank you notes and put in a little line saying "thank you for sharing in our special day, I am hoping that our marriage will be more organized than our wedding day was" :)