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is it possible to have a wedding on this amount? how much did/are you spend(ing) on your wedding?

i am helping one of my friends plan her wedding, it's this saturday & i know she's already spent well over $20,000, our other friend is getting married august 8, so i stopped by her house last night to see if she needs any help, she said no it was already taken care of. i'm shocked cause she hasn't been stressing or anything. she said her wedding cost less than $250, she bought a sample floor dress that was damaged for $100, then she just cut off the tulle which was what was damaged, cause she didn't like it anyway, so she got a nice simple wedding gown that is gorgeous, i saw it & was shocked that it wasn't made that way, then she rented a museum for $50, (she's having an outdoor late evening {8p} wedding so she isn't having any flowers, she's doing a play on the fall colors, leaves & the sunset starting as the back ground, then she is just having a sheet cake $20 & champagne & soda (for the kids & non alcohol drinkers) $30 since she is only having 20 guests, her & her husband to be are serving the cake themselves, she said she wants to be able to talk to each one, no BM, MOH, or FG, she's caring a bouquet of fall colored flowers with leaves in it, it's gorgeous & fake, so it cost her $15, she paid her friend's brother $30 to take pictures, (he's in high school & the yearbook photographer) that's it. her husband to be is in the marines so he's wearing his dress blues, so she spent $245 is that possible, i mean i've helped a lot of my friends with weddings in the past & they all spent at the minimum a couple grand, my one friend had a destination wedding & spent $1500 on it, that was the cheapest of all my friends, so i'm asking is this really possible that her wedding will only cost $245? i saw her bouquet and it's gorgeous, but i never thought a wedding could cost so little, i'm shocked, she said that everyone pays for catering, flowers, cake cutting costs, photographers & attire so that's where she eliminated the cost, she is only having the people they see on a regular basis, family & friends there, but she didn't invite any of the ones you only see once or twice a year, she wants to have a very personal wedding, which is kinda cool too i guess. i'm impressed, i mean she really put a lot of thought into it, but still saved money. so i guess i'm wondering if that is really possible? & how much did you or are you spending on your wedding? she isn't having a rehersal dinner & the pereacher marrying them is his uncle, forgot to put that in there, & the place provides the chairs too. i know i went to the courthouse cause i didn't think we could afford a wedding, i started planning it, and then i was seeing the price on flowers, cakes, food, dresses, etc, i got irritated and just went to the courthouse, wished i'd have talked to her about it!! linda she's having cake and drinks only, she told everyone it was on the invintations that she did herself that was all she was serving she's really not a fussy princess type person, she's really quiet and likes to keep it simple i don't think she will regret it marriage lic. is $10 where we live, i know i got married in this county too. please don't thumbs down anyone, i give everyone a thumbs up or no thumb if they are rude, everyone has their own opinion, his uncle paid for the marriage lic. as part of his gift to them and she's doing her own hair and makeup oh and the song she's walking down the isle to, she bought the single of it and she's hitting play on the cd player as she walks out the door, and she used the cd because she didn't want that song on her ipod, not sure why. but anyway that's how they are doing the music. emma f, i agree totally, my sister is rich and she spent 1500 on a destination wedding, why start your life off in debt or if you have it, why spend what you can buy a house and new car on a wedding. emma f, i agree totally, my sister is rich and she spent 1500 on a destination wedding, why start your life off in debt or if you have it, why spend what you can buy a house and new car on a wedding.


  1. It's possible. I have a friend who spent somewhere around there too. I spent around $17,000. And I thought that was good, lol
  2. I think that is so awesome! good for your friend, she got really lucky!
  3. Your friend is a liar. I spent $105,000. What about food?
  4. Well, good for her, if that is really what she wants. Now, let's see a few years down the road when she starts complaining that her wedding was lame, that she never got to be "princess for a day" and that she wants a do-over. She is probably exagerating anyway,. What about marriage license fees, JOP or court costs, invitations and postage? Goo dluck
  5. I guess if that is what she said she is paying than I guess that is it. Good for her, If that is what they want, I think it is great. No fuss No muss. EDIT: LINDA!!! she is only serving cake, $20. for a sheet cake. You were a fool to spend What you did.
  6. You have all the prices and unless she has other expenses she hasn't told you about, you see for yourself that it could be done. I think it's great that she isn't spending much on a wedding. She has the right idea. My own wedding ran about $2,500 but that was 18 yrs ago. We had 45 guests at a sit down dinner with an open bar ($31.00 per person), a photographer ($400), and a DJ ($250). A friend bought my flowers as my wedding gift and my mother bought my gown so these were 2 expenses I didn't have to pay for.
  7. It is very possible, the bank breakers are the expensive clothes, flowers, decor, expensive cake and elaborate receptions. Remove those items and you remove the cost. A wedding can be however much it is to go to city hall and sign the license because that is the only thing you really NEED. My aunt did her wedding for $300. This includes paperwork, photos at Walmart and a simple white dress. Everyone in the family provided the cake and food. The flowers were from her garden.
  8. I spent 9,000. It really depends on some factors like do you have relatives who happen to be in the cake business, the photography business, one who is a minister, etc etc. I didn't so I had to pay for that. It also depends on where in the country this is. Most cities don't have a museum that would rent for $50. Some brides on here have mentioned that their church was free. In my city, there isn't a single church that is free. My parents had been members for over 15 years and the church was still $550. The reception hall was $1,100 and had tables and chairs. My caterer included linens and glass ware in her estimate. Do you have alcohol? We spent 1,000 on that. My dress with alterations was another 1,000. I had a really big princess dress though. Then flowers, decoration, and favors. I spent a really long time on that stuff finding it on sale the year before. I was having a June wedding so I got most of my summer items the September before. My sister had a very inexpensive wedding. She did a destination wedding on St Thomas. The minister was $200, we used our I-pod and speakers to play steel drum music. The site fee was $75, the flowers were under $100. The marriage license fee was about $50. My mom got tote bags as the favors (one per couple) and they were about $10 on the clearace rack. Yellow leather bags. That's the advantage of small weddings--you don't need as many so you can get them on clearance. The brides dress was about $30 and the groom's Cubana shirt was also about $30. I think her whole wedding was about $500-600. There were about 15 of us there. Another good friend of mine had a small church wedding. It was free and her church group made the cake and punch for the reception. She went to Walmart and spent about $100 on flowers--a dozen for her bouquet, another dozen divided among groomsmen and bridesmaids, and some for the alter and cake. It cost them about $300. A guy on here talks about how he got married about 30 years ago in a campground. It cost him $150 as everyone gave their gift (minister gifted his time, friend the photography). It can be done if that's what you want. In my case, my groom comes from a huge close-knit family. His dad is one of 10 and they would have been very hurt to have not been invited. My family is small but it wasn't fair to invite my aunts and uncles and not invite his. They would have been hurt terribly if my husband and I ran off to an island to get married without them. It would have been very odd to not have wine at a wedding--they are French. However my husband and I spent a lot of time finding an inexpensive wine that we liked. You don't have to spend $30 a bottle on wine. I used coupons and everything I bought was on sale at the end of season. My favors were 50 cents each for candles in a glass jar in tropical scents. We put stickers on the top with our names and wedding date. Your wedding needs to suit you. You can have a small intimate wedding with just 30 people and still spend 30 grand on it. Or you can spend less than $1,000. Remember the only things that are truly necessary is the license (roughly $50), the officiant (usually about $200), and a couple.
  9. I guess it would be possible, especially if you do a lot yourself and keep it small. But 250 does seem very low. It's great if she can truly keep it at that price!
  10. Wow, she did really well. It is possible. Myself and my husband spent around $2,000. I don't understand people who pay a lot of money to get married. It's ridiculous to spend a huge amount of money for one, but that's my personal opinion.
  11. if you know how to bargain then yes. when i get married im gonna spen like 300,000 dollars i dont care if im in debt because of the wedding i want it to be the best
  12. oh defiantly, i was freaking out cause we lost the money our parents were gonna give us, so i'm like can we have a 5,000 dollar wedding, my friend is helping me, i rented a historic house in our town for 100 for 4 hours, then instead of moving to a different locations for the reception, we're having a dessert buffet on the deck, and then they can pack up candy for their favors, my mom bought my dress, i bought a maggie dress but i bought it for 169 off the internet, and then instead of buying dresses, i'm letting the girls wear their own dresses in the wedding color dresses they already have. like from easter or something, but i saw them all they are great, and then they are carrying a single flower instead of a bouquet and i'm carrying a fake bouquet, so that cut out a lot of cost, no wedding cake as we are having a dessert reception, and i'm having 20 guests, so my wedding is costing just under 800, pretty cool. so yeah totally doable.
  13. Honestly my biggest cost was the catering, it 1000, so no biggy I want everyone to be able to eat something, and no food is not a good way to say thank you for all my guest (78) I'm having a buffet style dinner, but with everything else my wedding will be about 2,000 thats it, my dress is about 100 and his tux is about 200, I'm buying flowers in bulk and making my centerpieces my self, but since my wedding is in january (off season) everything is slightly cheaper... so I think its possible, (But again I dont want a huge wedding centered around me) My mom is having her wedding soon and she spent, $500 total, 100 for the dress and free venues (out door events with very nice owners) BBQ reception... So Its possible if you use what you have you can make it alot cheaper like the flowers isnt needed if your wedding is in a garden, in may, and a back yard BBQ will save lots!!!
  14. Wow, that's really amazing! It's great that she was able to cover all the basics, which when you think about it, that's all you need. It sounds really nice! Makes me wonder why the rest of us go so crazy.... Our wedding is approximately $12,000.
  15. People get married with next to no money ($500 or less) all the time. Just have a cake and coffee reception at a non-meal time. Get your bouquet from Costco. Get a pretty dress from Macy's instead of David's (it'll be higher quality too) or wear something you love from your own closet. Cut out anything that isn't important to you. Awhile back, where I live, there a segment on the morning show of one radio station where they were talking about budget weddings under $5000. Most people who called in said the only expenses they paid was for the license and the cake (which most said was a regular sheet cake from the grocery) and had the reception at home and they didn't spend more than $100. It was actually surprising the number of folks who said they didn't spend hardly anything at all. The ones who spent $500 or more were the minority and no one resorted to immature name-calling and insults like typically happens on wedding sites. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It's all about priorities.