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I'm getting married to my marine and i need a little bit of help with plans help ladies!?

Okay so the wedding is next year in december 2009. I'm going to be 20 years old. and he will be 21. and i want a simple wedding and i want a creative cake i mean like different not your average cake i want it to be crazy! I also want my pictures to be amazing and different also any suggestions? i live in texas so help me here. Thanks ladies.


  1. Could you give some more detail? Like wedding colors or a theme? Inside or outside? thanks!
  2. The best way to get good pictures is to hire a professional! Have them take candid pictures not, just stiff posed shots. Trust me you'll love what happens when it's not planned! Also, for your cake scetch out what you want it to look like and take it to a bakery. If they won't make it, try somewhere else cause it's your day! And congratulations!
  3. try here for crazy cakes
  4. Congrats!! has some great/creative ideas! Just remember that it's your do what you want! I agree with the previous answer...use a professional photographer, make sure you get candid shots, not all posed. Design your cake the way you want and take it to bakers until you find the 'perfect' one! Best wishes!
  5. Try getting a cake that looks like the marine corps emblem. Marines are usually gung-ho and he (and his marine buddies) might get a kick out of it.
  6. as a wedding photographer, I can tell you the one thing you don't want to skimp on is the pictures. after the cake is gone and the dress is put away, you only have the pictures to remember the day. that's what I tell my brides. I've seen toooooo many brides who trusted good ole uncle bob because he has a camera to take the pictures and have nothing to show for them. just because a photographer may be cheap, doesn't mean they are good. shop around, ask for referals, but don't skimp on the photographer! do a web search of contemporary wedding cakes, save a couple of images of the ones you like, then take those to some local bakeries and see if they can make one. Good luck!
  7. I'm a navywife,I can say I am NOT an expert when it comes to the Marines. What you can do is have a custom made cake topper made, with a marine giving the bride a spank on the bottom with the sword, and a look of surprise on the brides face. I'm not sure where you can get this made. Not sure what to tell you about your pictures. My suggestion is to shop around. good luck. :)