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i need sites i can go to to look at pictures of these differant thing: cakes, flowers, brides maids dress (simple sundresses), Chuppas, table setting, and katubas. if you know a stie that shows any of these items please leav in in your awnser, ok THANKS!!! just a helpful hint i only have $2000 so like my cake will be made my me lol and the dresses and chuppa and so forth will be made my be that why i need sites for ideas


  1. You can go to and they have all kinds of different ideas and pictures. You can search basically anything.
  2. Ok...I'm planning my own wedding right now and here are a list of great sites. You can find cakes, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table settings here: Simple sundresses for bridesmaids: Ketubah: As for chuppahs, you should wait until you meet with your florist to figure that out. Good florists will provide a chuppah, you will just have to decide what flowers you want on it. Good luck, I hope that helped!
  3. and click on images then type in whatever you want to see. For dress patterns I'd recommend
  4. or I forget if it has an s or not, basically you can look through and see tons of pictures, you can even "paperclip" anything you like, it will give you lots of ideas on everything from your hair to the wedding decorations.
  5. The best place to find all sorts of crafts. I got the idea for my invites and my thank you cards from there. You can always copy other ideas, for example, David's Bridal has really cute ring bearer pillows for $29. I made my own and I only had to spend .50 for a scrap piece of fabric.