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Wedding Cakes?

Hi, i dont know if anybody can help... Im trying to find a college course on making wedding cakes and i've had no luck. I just wondered if anybody knows of any courses etc Thank you for your help :) x ( I live in Leicester )


  1. they have videos and books available for how to on wedding cakes. why take a course?? go get some dummy cake forms and ice and decorate them til you can do it with ease. Stacking cakes the same way. Take photos of all the dummy cakes you decorate to your satisfaction and make a scrap book of what you can do. I took a crash course in a real working bakery on decorating cakes just at Mothers Day one year, follow up was all the wedding shower cakes, high school graduation cakes then June and all the Wedding cakes that were on the schedule!! My cousin did her cake decorating on dummy cakes photographing them and making a book of the best of her ideas. She posted signs in the churches on bulletin boards and at laundromats and other places brides might see them. All the signs had a cake as feature site. She has a very thriving business from her home. Not sure what your plans are, but those are my ideas on how to do this.
  2. Your local community college might have some 'craft classes' on cake decorating and baking. You may also want to check with your local arts and crafts store, they may surprise you. I know that, for example, there are some Michael's stores that hold cake decorating classes that range from simple to complex, like wedding cakes. Good luck!
  3. i did a cake decorating course when i was younger which my mum arranged for me. she just asked in the local cake decorating shop, dont know if you have one near you. you could google it to find your nearest. i dont think books are much use except to refresh your memory of what you have learnt, there are techniques that are quite difficult to master unless some one has shown you especially flower making as its very fiddly. oh the shop was in erdington in birmingham long time ago though! check out
  4. Have you got a prospectus from your local adult college? I know our local college does that sort of thing but rather a long way for you to travel to Berkshire! Good luck.