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wedding cakes?

im making a cake for my moms friends wedding. i need some good recipies but cant find any. please help me find a good yet fency recipie.


  1. With wedding cakes, it's usually not so much the recipe of the cake, but more the design and decoration. Most wedding cakes have pretty basic cake/filling/frosting flavors. You can try vanilla, butter, chocolate, spice, red velvet cakes with a variety of fillings (strawberry, chocolate, flavored mousse, frosting)... you can use frosting or fondant! Take a look at some wedding websites (I recommend You'll see some simple designs that you can replicate. Good luck!!!
  2. Well this all depends on what kind you are making.. white, chocolate, carrot..? A dirty little secret.. Cake mix is an awesome thing. If you do not have time for making it from scratch. Cake mix is easily doctored to create something very different and much more elegant than the original. For example, I use condensed milk instead of water. Instead of oil.. use melted butter (or healthier butter substitute). Fold in some mereigne with your batter to get a very moist and delicate result.
  3. I have baked a few cakes and they are never as good as the wedding cakes I have had. I searched a bit to find the difference, and it seems that most wedding cake recipes (traditional white cakes) have the added step of beating egg whites and then folding them into the cake batter before baking. This provides the texture of the "wedding cake" that I prefer. I have not yet tried this, but searching around a bir for wedding cake recipes will show you that they are basically the same, and include this step. I hope this helps.