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How do you become a cake decorator?

I am taking the Wilton classes of course. What's the next step after that? Are there such things a cake decorating aprentices? Or do you just roll into Kroger and apply to be a decorator?


  1. No idea, but it looks like such an interesting career. I hope you succeed!!
  2. I'm not so sure, but I think you can just go and apply for a job after that. Bake me a cake! Where I live they don't call it Kroger they call it King Soopers, but their food brand is Kroger. Weird, huh?
  3. Hi there, taking wilton classes is a good start. i never did that cause of the money and the location, but if i had the money i would have. I would probally just try to apply for any cake decorating jobs at any bakery that do cakes for people. There are jobs such as cake decorating apprentice as what I am. But alot of companies like Super Target, Cub Foods, Rainbow, and ect don't have apprentices. They just hire people with skills wheather you're a beginner or expertise on cake decorating and than futher train you in on. What is Kroger? Where is your location too, will help me more on how you can be a cake decorator as your career. Keep in mind tooo alot of place like what i mentioned don't do alot lot of skilled custom things (cub, rainbow, target, ect). But when you look at the small home town bakeries that make evertyhing from scratch and do alot of skilled and custom cakes for people that start out with very low pay which is a draw back, but you do get the experience and learn the skills than the bakeries that don't do that thing. As far as my company, yes we do some skilled like carving cakes into shapes like butterflies, crosses and ect. but nothing like City Charm Cakes in MD. aka Ace of Cakes.