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Anyone who is a pastry chef or cake decorator read here?

I want to be a cake decorator. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. What is the difference between a cake decorator and a pastry chef? Is there an apprenticeship for a cake decorator or should I do an apprenticeship as a pastry chef and just look for work in bakery's that specialize in cake decorating? How long is a pastry chef apprenticeship? Do I have to do a pre apprenticeship?


  1. I will Research for you. Google Culinary Art. Here is one of many sites. This particular site offers among many things, live chat to answer your specific questions. Good luck. Go where your heart takes you. Follow the link: jrg
  2. Cake decorating is a different thing altogether than a pastry chef job.A professional cake decorator does only that.He/she learns the art at TAFE or a similar institution.A pastry chef cooks cakes,pastries & such things & usually learns the art as an apprenticed bakery hand. They can also do professional courses to obtain a position in a good restaurant.