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Does anyone know a cheap cake decorator?

My sister and I are getting married next year to our boyfriends and we are looking for a cheap cake decorator. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you can help that would be great.


  1. grandma?
  2. Do not go cheap. You pay for what you get. Look for someone whom comes recommended. You will be happier with the end result.
  3. both of you. make one cake for the pictures, and make cup cakes for your guests.
  4. Why not do it your self? Get tutorials and buy some little decorations It add's a personal touch. Just buy a plaine cake :D
  5. If you have a wal mart in your area check their cakes out. I was there ordering a birthday cake recently and happened to look through their wedding cake album while I was waiting, and they actually have some nice wedding cakes. I was surprised!
  6. A lot of grocery stores now offer wedding cakes. Check with them. Wedding planners know people who do wedding cakes cheap. Look in your local paper for services such as that.