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What does a "Cake Decorator" do at Dairy Queen?

I applied at a local Dairy Queen and was contacted by them for an interview for the position of "Cake Decorator". What exactly does it entail? Do these people still work tills and make other treats and stuff, or do they just decorate cakes? Obviously it probably changes depending on the store, but I'm curious as to what the general rule of thumb is for this position. I would love a lot more detail. Thanks!


  1. You would have to know about cake decorating.
  2. i usually just see em putting frosting on the cake because the stores are small and usually have few workers youll probably have an assortment of duties
  3. They decorate cakes.
  4. they probably just frost and decorate cakes! :)
  5. it is what it sounds like :P if decorating things isn't your thing ask for another position