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I want to become a cake decorator, like on Ace of Cakes, how can I begin?

Recently I have found an interest in cake decorating, I loooove the show Ace of Cakes and I would really like to learn how to do all of that. I found Wilton which has courses on cake decorating, but I have no experience. Should I start at home? Work at a bakery for them to teach me? Please help! Thanks :) - Wilton cake decorating classes take place at your local arts and craft stores and they teach you how to's! Also, I will be attending them.


  1. Check with the pastry school.
  2. culinary school, apprenticeship at a bakery
  3. culinary school and maybe art school. i love baking and would love to know how to decorate, but i lack the art skill. my skills will not get me past writing happy birthday on a cake with icing.
  4. If you just want to do cakes I would not spend all that money on pastry school. Go to places that show just how to do cakes like hobby lobby or a store like that..
  5. At some bakery stores they have classes and there is this book that might help you it is called "Hello cupcakes"
  6. you can take a basic cake decorating class and just practice at home. you can start baking cakes using boxed cake mixes, and go on to making scratch cakes if you want. i make cakes using cake mixes and everyone think i make them from scratch. (in my opinion the best brand is betty crocker supermoist) you can also experiment on your own by going to they have recipes, articles w/instructions on how to do the different techniques in cake decorating, and lots of photos of completed cakes (you can spend hours on this website). where do you live? i live in So.Calif and there is a great cake supply store in glendora that where you can get all of your supplies and they also have classes. but before you start you will need to take the basic wilton decorating class. i have only taken the basic class and have self taught everything else by just experimenting i have posted pic of cakes i have made, i have no professional experience i started making cakes for my family and then began making shower cakes and then got enough courage to make wedding cakes. it takes time and lots of practice have fun and enjoy the learning experience.
  7. The Wilton classes are good for the basics. You're not going to learn to do fondant work like Ace of Cakes in a Wilton class though. Wilton is kind of behind the times when it comes to fondant. You can find great tutorials on youtube, and tons of information on There are some really good books too...I like books by Debbie Brown, Lindy Smith, Toba Garrett, Peggy Porschen, Colette Peters, etc... In most bakeries you'll spend most of your time learning to ice cakes smooth and cleaning up, before they ever teach you anything advanced, if they ever do. Some bakery owners are really worried that someone will come along and learn their business, then become their competition. I've never taken any classes or worked in a bakery. I read everything I can find, and practice at home. Here's some of my stuff: