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How do I begin my own business as a cake decorator/baker?

I want to start my own business as a baker I guess you would call it. Baking cakes for different occassions out of my home. I going to start with taking cake decorationg classes, but where do I go from there?


  1. #1- You gotta learn how to bake.
  2. Believe in yourself Don't consider that you could fail Flyers on the grocerie store bulletins On-line web site Word of mouth and photos to match
  3. First, Check with your local council on getting the proper permits. I wanted to start my own cake deco (wedding particularly) a while back. When I called to start the process, it was surprising all the info that they told me. 1. I would have to have a seperate kitchen that is within the city code (Including fire retardant wall if it was attatched to my home). 2. I would have to have 2 fire extinguishers in that particular kitchen. 3. Apply for business license and register with the clerk of courts office. 4. Get kitchen "approved" by health inspector... these are just a few, but enough to get you started..good luck
  4. have lots an lots of money to live on cause cake decoratin buss takes a lonf time to get off da ground.mostly by word of mouth an doin great not easy to do.....
  5. well if your doing classes to learn how to decorate cakes, after learn really good recipes and then bake come cakes for your friends and family. give them some sheets that they can give you a score anon and give some comments or suggestions on how to make the food better. you can also rite on the sheet like 'how much do you think the retail price should be?' that way you know your not giving a high price to your valuable customers hope that helpz and good luck on your buissness.
  6. Buy a piece of space in the mall and loan from the bank. Then start your own business
  7. Check with your city's regulations to make sure you can actually operate a business out of your own kitchen. Once you've got all of the paperwork out of the way, find friends and acquaintances that have special events coming up, and do their cakes for free or at a discount. Ask if you can put a small, discreet sign near the cake as advertising. Having a beautiful delicious cake at an event with lots of guests is the best way to get started! Word of mouth is very important in a cake business. Good luck!