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How to become a professional baker/cake decorator?

Hello there. I'm a nineteen year old artist and art student. I'm familiar with painting, sculpting, 3-D design, and drawing. Freelance art hasn't been very profitable thus far and I've been thinking about getting into baking and cake decorating since I enjoy baking as a hobby. I'm thinking of transferring to an Art/Culinary school. What would I need to do to get my name out there and start doing this professionally? How hard is it?


  1. easy enough make birthdays cakes for your friends ask there moms first to see if you can make them, or make cup cakes an sell them with your designs on them or even cookies,you can ask any of the local bakerys if you be a volunteer, an get started that way, just dont eat all the things you make lol
  2. It probably wouldn't be worth the expense to go to culinary school. Instead look for job opening at local bakeries and be prepared to start at an entry level doing anything, even if it is just a prep job. Then just show your willingness to learn and help doing anything.
  3. If you are interested in a culinary school, find one that fits your needs, like has a baking/pastry program. All you have to do is find a school, and apply. Culinary school can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. Good luck!