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How do I make my dream of being a cake decorator a reality?

I'm in college for IT, but my dream is to bake. I love sweets, and I love cooking. What should I do to see if this if for me or not?


  1. Why not apply for a job at a grocery store bakery, or sams club or something. That way you would see if you enjoy it enough to do it every day.
  2. you can take cake decorating classes then get a job in that. But i would still recommend getting a degree even if u don't like IT.
  3. The best way is suscribing to cake decorating classes & lots of practice. If you don't have time, you can try to check online & practice at home. especially if it's only a hobby & you're not planning to earn money from it. Here's a start for you: Visual instructions to cake decorating: click on baking corner in the website. Good Luck :)
  4. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to go all the way and go to culinary school for baking, then open up your own bakery. The wedding industry is HUGE, and you can make a lot of money making high-quality wedding cakes. I think culinary school would be a good way to get a solid grounding in baking. Or, you could be an apprentice at a local bakery. In fact, this may be a great way to work while going to school, to see if you actually want to be a baker. If there are no bakeries like that, then sure, you could work at a grocery store. You will learn basic decorating (roses, piping words), but not the unique stuff that would make you a lot of money.
  5. If I were in your shoes (would love to be by the way!), I would approach the most upscale bakery or your favorite bakery, and offer your help free of charge ... sort of like an intern in training. "Free" is "free", and I cannot see anyone turning their nose up at that. What I have found with chefs is that they love what they do, and truly appreciate and want to teach those that are less experienced but are sincerely inspired by food. You may just find a niche with a wonderful baker who decides to take you under their wing, and you may even get help with your education expenses. Dream big, work hard, and do the unexpected is what I try and teach my kids ;)