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Do you need legal work to be a cake decorator?

Baking at home, can you openly advertise your self or do you need to get some kind of small business license even if its just a hobby to make money on the side....Location Houston Texas


  1. You don't require a license or any certification. However, you must claim all income on your taxes.
  2. You might want to ask your local government offices. I know in the county I live you need special permission in order to sell baked goods out of your home. You need to be inspected ect.
  3. If you are making money, you are in business and need (at least) a business license. You may or may not need a licensed kitchen to bake in if you offer products to the public. You need insurance, what if a customer gets sick and blames you ?
  4. you are a business, a sole proprietorship. You need to apply for a license to own such a business and a license to collect taxes, which you must then of course declare on your income tax and pay to the government