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I am thinking of one day becoming a cake decorator for local places?

and I was wondering if there are any good start-off kits that can teach me all I need to know. Also, are there any courses you can take for cake decorating (I live in RI, if that helps).


  1. I am a former chef and had a friend who taught for years, and you can get kits from Wilton the best company for home based learning, they have instructional tapes and books. You would be best to start with the basics, learn how to prepare the 3 basic cake styles, icings, making and rolling of fondant, the the decorating specialties like practising borders, flowers and other techniques, I would then after getting some of the techniques down, volunteer to do a few cakes for the family, and get a client base. After the word has got around about your abilities and you have some practise under your belt, then look to one of the local grocery stores for a part-time job in the bakery using your experiences, eventually you may be working full time and still have your home based business on theside, or even teach a night class at a school for adult learning. Good Luck, it has been a few year since I have done one, I only di one wedding cake, they are the pinnicle of your efforts and can be a big asset to your reportoire.