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steps to become a wedding cake decorator?

How on EARTH do I even begin? I'm majoring in business when I go to college or Hospitality because they don't have a culinary branch. These big schools like " the art institute" are NOT that great and I can be taught elsewhere for a fourth of the price, where would I even begin? I'm looking into making pastries, mainly wedding and birthday cakes. Are there some classes near Arkansas or Texas that are worth taking?


  1. See if there are any Wilton classes in your area. They are usually offered at Michael's or A. C. Moore or that type of craft store. You could also go to, there's probably a place there to search for classes in your area. I took 3 Wilton courses several years ago and have made a lot of cakes. I also taught for a while. The classes aren't as involved as a pastry school would be but you will learn enough to do birthday and wedding cakes.