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Have you ever let your kids eat cake for breakfast?

They usually have a rather well balanced diet (before I get jumped on) but I have this gorgeous, delectable, gooey, moist (!), chocolate cake leftover from my birthday and I can't bear to throw the rest of it out. So the kiddo's had cake for breakfast, with strawberry yogurt and milk, lol. Have you ever just said "What the hey" and fed your kids cake for breakfast? Thank you for sharing in our silly morning =).


  1. NO lol, although on easter my kid had a sugar high before breakfast was done thanks to her GRANDPA!
  2. lol, this morning i didnt have any cereal or milk (i havent been to the grocery store yet) so my kids had Oreo Cakesters as we were heading out the door!! Happy Belated Bday btw!!
  3. I know when I was little I had cake, ice cream, pizza, hamburgers, whatever I wanted for breakfast. As long as I ate, my mom was happy. And I'm not fat or diabetic either, I turned out just fine. =)
  4. i dont have kids, but I am sure parents give their kids donuts for breakfeast all the time. Not the healthiest thing but hey as long as you dont do it every morning!
  5. I personally have not purely because it would be certain to upset my daughter's tummy to have that much sugar that early in the morning. I never plan to let her do that either. But I wouldn't say it's all that bad if you wanted to do that just once in a blue moon. Be prepared though! They may have tummy aches later, lol.
  6. No, but the other day when I realized I forgot to start cooking the dinner in time for it to be ready before everyone melted down, we had cheese, crackers, pepperoni slices, sliced apples, sliced pears, and milk for dinner. You wouldn't believe the compliments I got on the great meal. :-) As long as they eat healthily most of the time, who cares?
  7. Bill Cosby did once...
  8. Yes! There's nothing wrong with a "treat" every once in a makes the day start out fun for them! I also have Junk Food Night once a month for dinner, and Pajama Day on occasion. We like fun around here! Yay!
  9. well, how different is it from sugary cereal? in france, where i live, it is customary to eat leftover dessert for the next day's breakfast, for kids and adults alike. last sunday morning's banana carrot cake with cream was good!
  10. Every once in a great while, you need to do something very silly like that just to make life more interesting. Lord, I do love chocolate cake! At least they had yogurt and milk to go with it....
  11. yeah too right i let them have left over pizza sometimes you just have to do these things not like it's everyday or anything
  12. Why not? As long as they eat a healthy diet most of the time, there's nothing wrong with a special treat like that once and awhile. When they grow up, they will probably tell stories around the Thanksgiving table about that great morning when their Mom let them have chocolate cake for breakfast!
  13. What fun! We have had eggs and toast for supper before! These spontaneous joys are the spice of life!
  14. yes,i have
  15. no but my daughter has had strawberry's and cream for breakfast once but we where on vacation
  16. Yep, I'm guilty. I rationalized it by considering the fact that it's no different than doughnuts or cinnamon rolls or waffles topped with syrup and whipped cream... and there are people who eat that kind of stuff for breakfast every day lol.
  17. Yeah I have. Sometimes we actually have dessert after breakfast. Like this morning my daughter (who is a really good eater..I mean this kid will ask for a baked potato, salad and water at McDonalds! And she's 4!) She ate her pancakes and a banana and she really just HAD to have 3 jellybeans. i don't know why just 3 but that's what she wanted. So I let her have it. i feel like if you have a kid that eats healthy overall, exercises properly, is in good health and acts right then there is no reason to not let them indulge once in a while.
  18. Yes we have, usually always the morning after someone's birthday. They eat healthy other than that so what harm does one piece of cake for breakfast a couple times of year going to do!
  19. Yes I have said "What the hey", It does not happen alot But I do it.
  21. sure! there is nothing wrong with a piece of cake in morning as long as it is not every morning. i am guilty !!
  22. my son and I split a pint of ice cream for breakfast one morning when I was pregnant.
  23. i used to have cake in milk sometimes for breakfast when i was little
  24. YES ABSOLUTELY... hmm and that sounded so good too. But in all honestly, I think we need to teach our kids to indulge themselves too, BUT do it in moderacy... I think that's what we're lacking to do nowadays. Don't you say 'what the hey' now and then and eat that chocolate ice cream? I do. I think if we teach them how to eat everything moderately, then maybe we won't have dieting issues and have more control on our food intake!!
  25. Yes, we, just like you, normally eat very well and healthy. However, there are some mornings that we have some junk, lol. I have even let them have spaghetti for breakfast once. As a matter of fact since my daughter's accident a few days ago, my kids have been so amazing and loving to one another that I let them have soda and 2 donuts each for breakfast today. :) I haven't got a call from the schools yet, so I am sure it's fine. LOL.
  26. Your lucky kids! I want to come over for breakfast. My daughter is only 13 months, so no chocolate cake for her (yet) but we did have pumpkin pie for breakfast - packed with vitamins. Happ belated birthday :)
  27. Bill Cosby gave his kids chocolate cake one morning! He even has a song that his kids sang for him "Dad is great, he gave us the chocolate cake!" He made the point that it has eggs in it. We eat eggs for breakfast. I'm sure there's some milk in there What's wrong with an occasional treat?
  28. A couple of times I have woken up late for school and not had time to make breakfast and so have given the kids cookies for breakfast!!!! I don't think it's a problem unless you do it EVERY day!!!