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What do you make for a kids birthday party when the kid hates cake and ice-cream?

My son has never really liked cake and ice cream but I never know what to make for his birthday to make it still seem like a birthday party.I've tried a peanut butter bar cake and Jello molds and those didn't really work either. I should also mention that he doesn't like cookies, brownies, popsicles or anythingof a dessert nature really...


  1. what about a pie or a fruit crumble bake?
  2. What I would do is make the cake and ice cream anyway, he doesn't have to eat it, but he can still blow out his candles and everyone that likes it can have it, but also find something that's special to him that you can have that day like popsicles or something, ask him! Maybe he wants pizza?? who knows!
  3. one of those cookie cakes? (they're giant cookies). they're actually pretty good! And come in a variety of flavors. they have one at my local mall
  4. yah lol i am the same way i just dont enjoy sweets.... Brownies are cool to have and if that dosent work maybe just get a pinata with hella cheap litle toys and candy and they coul enjoy that also
  5. Here's a few: Cookies or cookie cake? decorated Rice Crispie treats? Or, if he is not into sweets, how about a decorated pizza? If he has a favorite food, just incorporate that somehow. Just a few ideas :)
  6. Have pizza,sodas, and little cupcakes. He might not eat his but other people will. He will have someone to put the candle on to blow it out.
  7. you are so lucky. Does he like smoothies?
  8. Its not just the accual eating of cake that makes it a party. My cousin was the same way and they would have all the children make different food items each birthday, some ate them, some didn't but they ALL had fun. Some of the things they did were decorate gingerbread house like things, decorate cookies, make snow cones.
  9. a cookie cake if you dont know what that means its a big cookie
  10. Let your son choose. Make everything else very decorative and festive. Lots of stuff he enjoys. It's his birthday, so make it all his choice if he is old enough. Have fun and good luck.
  11. how about a cookie cake. this is just a large cookie with icing on it. or leave the icing off. my daughter is not a big cake person so this is what I have done over the years. Always a big hit.
  12. Make a jell-o cake. You can buy molds at the store in different shapes for that. Than use cool whip as icing. Add on top his favorite candies, or fruit, and stick in the candles.
  13. brownies...cookies...a fruit parfait.....a fruit trifle...pudding pie make pudding and put the pudding into and ice cream come for each kid...then let them decorate their pudding ice cream with sprinkles and such
  14. do cookies or cookie cake or you could even do health food it would be healthy for all of the children at the party Children are very unhealthy these days
  15. It is a once-in-a-year party and so provide him with what he likes. Consult him however young he may be, and mind you he will be very pleased if you do so, and just provide what he wants, of course using your discretion!
  16. How about pizza? My daughter was never the "cake and ice cream" type either. But she LOVED (and still does) Pizza so I would get her her favorite pizza use spray cheese to "write" a birthday message and place candles on it.
  17. you don't need cake and other baked goods to have a party. Why not make a home-made pizza and put the candles in that? I would suggest to take something that he does like, and make that into a birthday "cake". Just because no one else does it, doesn't mean that it can't be done or that the kids won't enjoy it! Perhaps you'll set a new trend! Edited to add: I forgot to add that my son's first birthday "cake" was actually a pumpkin pie.
  19. Make him whatever his favorite yummy treat is - sweet or not. If he wants to be polite, he could also have cake for his guests who prefer something sweet. But, he doesn't have to eat it.
  20. Birthday pizza and juice boxes? My husband has a birthday pie.
  21. Have him pick. Maybe it will be puffed wheat squares and rice krispie squares. Or cookies... Or, if he doesn't like sweets at all, just have a fruit tray and dip.
  22. use cake pans and make rice krispies treats shaped like a layer cake. Use cocoa kripies and regular kripies to make two layers use pudding in between as filling. Decorate like a regular cake
  23. Buy a bunch of those little cocktail umbrella's and fun party straws and make smoothies. You can place colorful fruit on a three tiered dish and decorate it with those little umbrellas. Put happy birthday candles (they have ones that spell out happy b-day) in the fruit on the top tier. Then use the fruit to make the smoothies. Or, do a cheese fondue with bread... buy some really cool toothpicks from a party store. Decorate around the fondue centerpiece with a bunch of happy birthday items.
  24. Muffins, or brownies
  25. Pizza party!!!!
  26. wow. thats pretty sad . those are like gods greatest creations. but another one of His miracles is BROWNIES
  27. Since most children like cake and ice cream I would suggest making the cake anyway and ask your child what he would like you to make him to make his birthday special. You could do pudding with alittle cool whip on top and some sprinkles. Most kids will tell you what they want and just do this for him and whomever might not like cake and ice cream..
  28. Ask him what he would like to have to celebrate but you should definately have something in the dessert area for your guests.
  29. My friend had a candy bar cake and it was a fake cake like made out of a box or something and then she hot glued all different candy bars to it. When it was time to cut the cake we all just pulled off what candy bar we wanted! We also had a pizza cake it was thick crust cooked then we covered with sauce and sprinkled cheese and what every else we wanted on our pieces.
  30. You should bake him his favorite meal ! You can also make some sweets for the other kids, and then you can have hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, soda, pizza, etc! There is a lot of choice for him. You could even make a fun decoration on the table with all those sandwiches and cool things to eat. For the famous candle blow, you could put his candle on a huge sandwich, or make a fake cake, just for him to blow his candle. You could, for instance, make him blow the candle on a gift box, so that as soon as he blows it, he would open his gift and play with it. If he likes fruit you should check this article out: It's gonna be fun and I even wished I could be there! LOL Good luck and remember to have fun too!
  31. Try a fruit salad u can cut the fruit in many different ways and place them how u like! And I just want to say ur so lucky he don't like sweets much less cavaties
  32. My son is the same way. The only difference is he wants a cake. So he picks out what kind of cake he wants and I make that cake. Then at his birthday party we do candles and singing, the whole bit. I always give him a small piece of cake which he rarely eats. But when I try to do something different he doesn't want me to do that. Does your son want a different dessert? Or is he okay with a cake that he just doesn't eat?
  33. try one of those cupcake cakes hope this helps :]
  34. you could try... -cupcakes -trifle -banana bread -pie
  35. Pizza and get good size cookies and let the kids decorate them.
  36. make him a big salad or chip and dip cake bbq chicken thats so funny i've never heard of a kid that does'n t like dessert. thats good but i bet it can make things difficult
  37. what type of kid is that
  38. Pizza with birthday candles?