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Why do people have their kids step on the birthday cake?

I seen a commercial on TV in which a kid was stepping on their birthday cake. I thought that was kind of odd but brushed it off as part of the commercial. So now today I'm going through Oprah Magazine and there it is again. A little girl with a big smile on her face with her foot in a birthday cake. What Tradition or ritual is this? I've never herd of having your child get up on a table and put there foot in their own birthday cake? Is this new or has it been around?


  1. I have never heard of this.
  2. i've never heard of this either. kind of weird! but to each his own...i guess!
  3. now that's a new one i have seen that one
  4. Ppl think it's cute is all. I guess it is initially but the headache comes with the clean up :)
  5. i don't think it's a tradition, just kids with a lack of discipline. when I become a parent, i will not let my kids step on any food. it's just rude!
  6. It has a medeviel background. A myth surrounds the tradition that if a adult views a child stepping on cake, fortune will come their way.
  7. I remember being told that this happened to me when i turned one. My mom says its a silly tradition thing...People just think it's cute!