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Is it safe for kids to have a cake with rum in it?

I would like to make a Chocolate Rum Cake for the family and not sure if it is OK for the kids (2 & 6 y.o) to eat something like that. Please advise if there is any alcohol left in a food after it's been cookds at 325 degrees for an hour. Thank you...


  1. no,i think it would probably die out by then.with cooking it so hot.
  2. yes its fine, ever had rum balls? talk about good, since there is usually little alcohol in dishes like this its OK for people of all ages to enjoy
  3. For under two yearls old might taste its alcohol stronger thant the adults togues. It is not the best way to give to the children alcoholic dessert. They even not like them.
  4. oh its ok same with beer battered chicken and other ideas soaked in wine. It truly doesn't have the achohol to make a 2 year old sick.
  5. anytime alcohol is cook in something it looses the alcohol in it but leaves the flavor of it in it. Read this!! it will help. Good luck and enjoy the rum cake as much as i do.
  6. it will be fine, dont worry, its not like you're giving them a whole glass full, it will be mixed in and spread out within the cake so i doubt it will do much harm :)
  7. You, the cake, and the kids will be just fine. The majority of the alcohol will be cooked off. Depending on the overall size of the cake and the total amount of rum you put in it in the first place there may be some variance in how much of the alcohol cooks away. Consider this, also: If you used one cup of rum (for the sake of example) in your batter, and half of that alcohol cooked away, you have the equivalent remaining alcohol of a half cup of rum (it's likely that more will have cooked away, but this is just 'for instance'). That's the equivalent of 4 oz of rum left. One shot is 1 1/2 oz, so that's essentially 2 1/2 shots of rum in your cake. Let's say you get 10 slices from that cake. Of 2.5 shots, that makes about 0.25 or 1/4 of a shot (.33 oz) per slice...that's the equivalent of a generous tablespoon. Remember, above assumes quite a bit of rum for the recipe...if it's less, consider the proportionate adjustment in what the final outcome may be. Perhaps it only calls for a half cup. At 325 for an hour, I'd safely venture that the alcohol would be gone. WORST case, you might end up with about half of what the previous example ended up with. Then again, cut larger slices, and the portion goes up proportionately. Finally, after your cake is baked, there needs to be time for it to cool, too. In this time, it will be hot, and the alcohol will still be a slower rate (and the cooler, the slower) but the evaporation is still there, so that's another minor factor. Sorry for possibly over-doing the math, but you can get the idea of what to consider before making the cake...or you can make for the grownups, and one for the kids. One last idea: You can also take the amount of rum you wish to put in the recipe, and simmer it in a frying pan (as opposed to a saucepan because surface area is important) for about 30 minutes prior to adding it...essentially pre-cooking the alcohol off. Then pour it back into a glass or metal measuring cup. 1) you know that (by the label) your rum is 40% alcohol by volume. That means if you have one cup of rum, 2/5 of that is alcohol, and the remaining 3/5 is water and flavor. 2) you know that after simmering, if you have 2/3 of a cup left, nearly all the alcohol is gone FOR SURE. Then you can add water until you have your full cup (again, just using one cup for the sake of example) and you can add that to your cake recipe in place of the rum and know that you have the flavor and are certain that there's no alcohol left to give you any concern over the safety of your children. Hope this was useful and not too much in the realm of overkill :) Let us know how the cake turned out!
  8. Id err on the safe side and say no. Oh and the law says you gotta be 21 to consume any alcohol. Little children can get sick from even a small amount cause their bodies are small and an ounce of rum to them is the same as a few glasses to an adult. Be safe, don't give them any till they are 21.