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What kind of choclate cake is best for a birthday cake for kids?

what kind of filling etc.


  1. Milk chocolate with ice cream, or just chocolate filling/frosting. Usually if you make it too fancy, kids don't like it. Make is simple.
  2. Gosh, I don't think they will really care as long as it's not German Chocolate.
  3. double chocolate with chocolate filling and chocolate ice cream! Just warn their parents about the sugar rush...
  4. choclate cake with choclate wipping i had it for my birthday it was of the chain it was gone before i could say you want some choclate cake.
  5. Easy one: always get a big chocolate buttercream-frosted chocolate cake and have them put the chocolate buttercream frosting on both the top and between the layers, instead of whipped or fruit toppings, so that it can sit out all day and not be in danger of spoiling. Buttercream frosting is perfect for a party--avoid anything that has to be refrigerated. If in doubt, ask the baker or bakery where you buy the cake. If you have a Costco store nearby they make great chocolate buttercream cakes that do not have to be refrigerated and are huge, at a very reasonable price. You do have to request that they put the buttercream both on top and between layers, though--but I always do and they never fail!
  7. Just get some Betty Crocker Choclate cake mix, with chco frostin,simple cheap and easy
  8. chocolate is gonna be a bad about a rainbow cake instead..go to your local publix
  9. chocolate fudge for sure. yum
  10. chocolate pudding or milk choc, although keep in mind some kids do not like choc. I have had this happen to me at my daughters b-day parties, so maybe get a coupke of storebought vanilla cupcakes on hand.