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eggnog cake ok for kids?

I am thinking to make eggnog cupcakes for 3rd grade kids. eggnog in batter,not in icing. I can use non alcohol eggnog, but since I have real bottle of nog. I was thinking I can use it for cupcakes. Is alcohol in eggnog will be too much alcohol or kid ? or alcohol evaporate during baking time ? my question is alcohol will stay in cake after baked or not. no one need to tell me more than that.


  1. yes, that is too much for a kid... come on, they are in third grade!!
  2. I really don't think that that will be a good Idea to give that to childrens give them some tea cake or something.....They don't need cake at all they will be hyper from the sugar...!
  3. Go get the non-alcohlic version. You shouldn't be giving a 3rd grader anything with even the tiniest amount of alcohol. With different beliefs and stuff out there it is not right, and besides they are in THIRD grade.
  4. You should get the non alcoholic eggnog. Think about if the parents were to find out that you used alcohol in cupcakes. They would be furious! I know I would be. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  5. You should use nonalcoholic eggnog when making this cake. There are religious beliefs which prohibit the eating of anything made with alcohol. And as other posters have stated, many parents may not appreciate their children eating something made with alcohol. Another thing to take into consideration is, unless you have made this recipe before with that type of eggnog and had no problem, the alcohol may affect the finished product. Some cakes do not rise properly or have the right texture when alcohol is put in them.