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why do little kids feel the need to cake on tons of make up?

not even little kids but like ages 9-13ishhh. i've seen it. i wore this really cute outfit w, my hair really nice and no makeup and i got TONS of complements and i did look good so why feel the need to cake make up on?


  1. I don't know. I'm 14 and I wear no makeup and all of my friends do.... But I feel naturally pretty =)
  2. I barely wear make up i know I'm beautiful anyways
  3. make up gives u pimples and if u have them it makes it worse
  4. Because they think they look prettier with a ton of makeup. It makes them feel grown up and mature but it is a very childish way of thinking. Some don't have that natural beauty so they try to enhance that with makeup, which is fine. Movie stars and celebritys don't look as good without makeup than with and they enhance it by wearing makeup but the difference is that, the kids over do it and the makeup artists know what they are doing. Thats why I'm not going to give my kid makeup except gloss and certain eyeshadows. But if they really need makeup than I will be putting it on them.
  5. some people thing that a lot of makeup will make them look better but it actual makes them look worse. im naturally beautiful so i do not have that problem and I barley wear any makeup
  6. i know. there were these 12 year olds before i left for HS and like if i were to poke there face 20 lbs of makeup would come off just with one poke i guess its cuz they think there hot with it on even though it looks like a fake a.s.s fxcking mask theyll have wrinkles in a few more years.
  7. because they wanna look older. i personally think caking make up on is real nasty looking on anybody i only wear a little bit of makeup which is eyeliner & mascara. that's enough :)
  8. because they're self-conscious. if i wear make-up, it's only mascara and lip gloss, and i think i look fine!
  9. Idontknow. I'm 14, and I put on a lot of makeup only when I feel like it, but I don't make it noticeabe. I usually always just have some eyeliner on.
  10. Somehow they believe that looking like clowns make them pretty. People have told me I look like a rock star with one of my outfits and yet I wore no make up. I don't like it, it's a waste of money. But I do wear it sometimes when I'm in the mood...
  11. because they're ugly under neath
  12. its not little kids, its everyone.
  13. because they're insecure & corrupted by the media/bad influences. I agree, it's awful.
  14. I don't know, maybe they just want to feel grown up since everyone treats them like two year olds... been there. I barely wear make-up anymore, just a little eyeliner on the edges of my eyes.
  15. Money see, monkey do. They are impressionable. They probably have siblings that do it. And they haven't discovered there natural beauty yet.