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What size sheet cake should I get for 30 adults and 6 kids?

My son is being baptized and i am not sure on what size sheet cake i should get i was thinking a full sheet cake but i think it may be too much


  1. I think a half sheet should be enough if you cut the pieces small.
  2. I would get a 1/2 sheet, have your guest take some home w/ them. Generally, 1/4 Sheet Cake feeds up to 25, 1/3 Sheet Cake feeds up to 35, 1/2 Sheet Cake feeds up to 50, Full Sheet Cake feeds up to 100.
  3. It depends a lot on how large your slices of cake are. A typical wedding cake serving is two inches by one inch by the depth of the layer (usually around 4 inches thick). That's "supposedly" a serving, but let's face it, that is not a lot of cake. A typical mix from the store (which makes a 9x13 pan) is supposedly 12 servings. That, too, is a lot of cake per serving! If you go with a more typical 3" x3" slice, you'll need 324 square inches of cake, or roughly two 9x13 pans (or a half sheet). Of course, you could always use the leftover cake for dessert for a few days...cover with saran wrap and refrigerate. Hope that helps!
  4. 2 layer 7 X 11 sheet cake serves 28 2 layer 9 X 13 sheet cake serves 45 That's for a 1 1/2X2~ish size piece-of course you'll cut the kids smaller pieces and so that will give you more. This is standard cutting chart dimensions for party cakes(But bear in mind that party cakes might be depending on how they are decorated, a range from 3-6 inches or something else, and so you should tailor your slices accordingly). Wedding cakes fall into a different category for cutting than party cakes for cutting (in case you're looking for cutting charts, make sure it's party cake, not wedding cake chart)
  5. a half sheet should do the job as some people will decline cake