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Is it weird to make my nephews birthday party cake?

My sister is really busy, and the cake is a large expense too. I offered only because I've recently been learning how to make marshmallow fondant. And, making a themed kids cake is fun for me. But, someone said that it was weird that the mom's not doing it? I thought that sounded a little bit too traditional... does it really matter? I don't want to offend anybody?


  1. I don't think it's weird at all. Ask your sister what she thinks about it. She might be very happy that you've offered to make it.
  2. It does not matter. Do you think at the party people will be complaining that the birthday boys aunt made the cake? Well as long as you make his day special and you don't mind helping out I think that it is a great thing to do! :D
  3. Not weird at all. I'm sure your sister would appreciate the help too!
  4. i don't think its weird some of my favorite birthday memories are the cakes made for me by family and friends some of whom have passed on now. ask the birthday boy how he feels bet he'll love the idea if he is old enough let him help you this not only gives his mom a break but he gets to spend time with u as well he also has the bragging rights of making his own cake. have fun with the cake and enjoy the party he's lucky to have an aunt as caring as you
  5. Noooo not at nanna made me a cake for one of my birthdays...
  6. The only thing weired about this is that someone said its weired.
  7. It's not weird at all. Where does it say that the mom always has to make the cake for the kids? My sister made my birthday cake last year. It was great.