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i am making cupcakes for my kids and i am using betty crocker cake mix?

i am making close 60 cupcakes. and guess what i am out vegetable oil i used the last bottle in my fryer to make fried bacon. and now the box of cake mix that is made by betty crocker says i need a third of a cup of vegetable oil. i do have vegetable shortening and all. but i dont know if it would taste good if i use it. do you have any ideas?? can i use butter or something?? please help me!! i would love to go to the store but my hub has my car and the closest store about 10 miles away!! and he wont be home till 9pm


  1. idk,but whatever you do, DO NOT use olive oil.
  2. Melt the shortening and use it just as you would the oil. Using butter would drastically alter the taste.
  3. Butter works. It would just make the cupcakes fluffy. you also add a splash of milk to work it out. I entered a cupcake contest last year and I ended in this crisis. so yea just make sure to melt it so it comes out a third of a cup. I hope you make all your cupcakes in times
  4. Butter is best because it makes them fluffier than usual ;
  5. Replace shortening with equal amounts of apple sauce when used as an ingredient. Butter or margarine, mixed with vegetable oil to thin it, can replace shortening used to prevent baked goods from sticking or used as an ingredient. I have melted shortening and used it in a cake mix I didn't notice any difference. I just made a cake with applesauce and the only difference I saw was the cake cooked faster.
  6. you could use melted shortening or melted butter in your recipe. you could also use yogurt.
  7. just go BUY some vegetable oil? seriously, how long does it take to go the store and grab it really quickly?
  8. Do you happen to have applesauce? That works really well. or banana. or yogurt. Same amount as recipe calls for on vegetable oil.
  9. I know this sounds bad but it works and doesn't change the taste, use mayo, if you think about it mayo is just eggs and oil. as so you can melt shortening or butter either will work. I've also used applesauce but it makes a heaver cake.
  10. If you can't go buy some more vegetable oil, I'd say use melted butter. I don't think the melted shortening would taste as good. Doc
  11. Use butter or stick margerine (not the tub). If it calls for 1/3 of a cup of oil, then melt butter for a 1/3 cup. Really this works, I do it all the time and actually I think it makes the cake taste better.