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I need instructions on how to make a 2 tier princess cake for my daughter.?

I want to make a 2 tier princess birthday cake for my daughter , does anyone have any ideas or instructions that may help me such as how to layer , frost and what to use to decorate ? I want it to look as nice as possible.


  1. Please see bakrey attendant !!,good luck
  2. Just bake a normal cake and frost it. Then put fondant over it. You can get fondant at any craft store. Then make the cute little things. Barefoot Contessa made that on one of her shows. It was hot pink. It looked really good. Instead of the 6 tiers just cut down the batter a few to make two. It'll still come out nice. But here's just a starter of some ideas.
  3. try using upside down ice cream cones to make the cake look like a castle. and you can make little flags out of toothpicks and paper to stick in the pointed end of the cone! very cute
  4. unless you have worked with fondant before, i would not suggest using that. to put the layer on use 5 straws and cut them so they are like an 1/4 of an inch above the bottom layer. make sure they are all even though so you dont have a lopsided cake. then i suggest using a round board the size of the top layer and placing the cake on that then on the straws which are in the bottom layer. then put the frosting on and use a pastry bag and various tips to put different decorations on the cake. the upside down ice cream cones is a good idea. good luck! hope i helped some