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Best way to make a "princess cake" for daughter's birthday, and decorate on a shoestring for "princess" party?

My daughter wants to have a "princess" party and a "princess" cake. We are literally impoverished. We need to do this as inexpensively as possible. Does anyone know the best way to make a princess cake, and to decorate with a princess theme and provide her a fun birthday on as little money as possible? P.S. She is going to be four :)


  1. First, remind her that it is difficult to make a princess cake when she is the princess! I would then get a cake mix and some icings and you and your daughter "draw" the princess on the cake. I know it isn't a "true" princess cake but she might like the idea of creating her own cake. Or go on-line to find a website that would instruct you to create one on a budget. If you don't have a budget that allows a child's tiara (usually found in craft stores, costume stores or party stores, I would then go out and pick some flowers and create a princess' tiara and make it one of a kind. Have her put on her most beautiful outfit (she's a princess already remember) and her prettiest shoes. If she doesn't really have a dress, check out your local discount store. They may have just what you need. Also check out the $1 stores and see if they have any balloons or wrapping paper and ribbons to help make the occasion truly special. They usually also offer nice inexpensive gifts she might like. We did this for our daughter's 4th birthday and she still talks about it and says it was the best birthday party she ever had (she is now 21). Her reason? She knows we put some thought into it instead of doing everything the easy way. Good Luck and Enjoy the Party!
  2. Two words ...DOLLAR STORE I think they even have crown shaped cake pans!
  3. I would also suggest the dollar store. You can also make hats out of cardstock. Make a cone and add streamers to the top. Its not a crown but you could make it a fun party game by purchasing some glitter and craft supplies and having the girls at the party decorate them.
  4. There are some good ideas on oriental trading's website (for example an edible princess cake decoration for $4.95.) Just search for "princess". Have the guests come dressed as princesses. If your daughter doesn't already have princess garb, you can find inexpensive things like a feather boa and princess birthday hat at the dollar store. You can hit up Goodwill for costume jewelry or silly hats the girls can dress up with. The decor can just be pink & girly - a plain tablecloth looks great with confetti & glitter. Serve them princess-y food like finger sandwiches and apple cider in plastic champagne flutes. Check out for a lot of "homemade" ideas and some games that you can pull together for free. They have both "princess" and "Cinderella" parties. Good luck!
  5. The cake is easy!! Make a regular cake (doesn't matter if it is out of a box or homemade) in a square pan. If you don't have a square pan, just cut it into a square shape after you bake it. Frost in white or pink. Take sugar cones (ice cream cones...the ones with the pointy tips) and place gumdrops on tips. Place them opening side down on cake. I would put one in each corner. You can use little candies (bought at dollar store) to decorate the cake. You can also take tin foil and make like a circle out of it (big enough to fit around cake) and curve the sides up a bit. (it's hard to describe this but you'll get it when I tell you what to do with it!) Mix up some blue jello and pour it in the tin foil. Put it in the fridge to set. There's your moat! Just use your doesn't have to cost much....she will love it! I have four kids on one income so I know EXACTLY what you mean!
  6. get a bundt cake pan and make the caker in that. Then take a barbie doll or similar and stick it in the middle and decorate the cake as the skirt of the princess.