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What is a good cake for a princess turning forty?

I need suggestions on what kind of cake to get someone very dear to me who is turning forty. She loves pink and Shih Tzu's and is very fru fru. Thanks for the answers!


  1. Bake a 3 tiered cake or have one made. Do it like a wedding cake, but have it done in pink! Have it done in three tiers, the bottom one the biggest, then the middle one smaller and the top one the smallest. Have them all done in pink icing and the accents and decorations done in white icing. Most princesses LOVE pink! A three tiered cake is SURE to thrill her! You can even top the cake in a tiara! At party stores they sell tiara's that light up! You can get her one and they have the matching wands too. Some of them have the ages, others don't, you can get it there or a craft store, or even a toy store. Get a nice tiara, add it to the top of the cake and get a white boa and put it around the tiara, just make sure to put something under it so you're not eating feathers, lol. I hope this helps!
  2. yes- have a 3 layer. have one with red gem, or something, juicy and red- strawberry, or cherry. the red in a white cake the second will be a good chocolate cream inside or even tiramisu. you can have it with coffee, or cocoa, etc... the 3rd, yellow- lemon poppy seed. with fruits on top... have fun!
  3. STRAWBERRY CAKE & FROSTING Mix: 1 white cake mix 1 box strawberry Jell-O (powder) 3 Tablespoons flour ADD & mix thoroughly: 1 cup cooking oil 1/2 cup water ADD: 4 eggs, one at a time 1/2 box frozen strawberries (thawed) POUR: Batter into 3 8” cake pans, bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees, until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. FROSTING 1/2 stick margarine, butter (melted) 3/4 lb. powdered sugar (more or less if needed) 1/2 box of strawberries, mashed and drained. MIX: Margarine, sugar, strawberries (and juice as needed) to spreading consistency to spread on cake. 1 teaspoon vanilla