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I am having a Princess House Party what should I offer as snacks or cake ?

Most people serve cake and coffee. I was trying to think of something a bit more exciting than the norm. Any ideas greatly appreicated.


  1. hot wings and beer
  2. Try these mini bites...its my recipe... along with some coffee tea or maybe soft drinks...or maybe a nice smoothie..... i have cut the bread here in 2 pieces... u can use one whole slice instead....see the recipe here..... enjoy and hope ur princess house party is a hit....:)
  3. you should give cake because it is a princess party and princesses are like rich.
  4. Depending the age group the food would change but it would always stay finger food and tea. younger ones Pb&j in squares or circles or adults a little spicer cut up fruit and vegtables make it like always have small cakes or small cup cakes as long as the can hold it with ther fingers. no silverware allowed.
  5. I would just keep it simple and serve cheese and crackers or vegetable tray with dip and maybe some cookies (homemade is preferable). I have found that if you keep it simple and bake the cookies a couple of hours (at most) before the party, even if they are the ready to bake, tends to make people want to spend more. Strange but true. For drinks I would offer coffee and punch. Hope you have a great time with lots of sales :)
  6. Make everything pink. Pink cupcakes. A cake with Pink icing and crowns on it. Pink pudding etc.
  7. Try cheese and crackers, cheeseball and pretzels, mini cheesecakes, pecan tarts,... you can make lots of finger foods and desserts so your guests will have a variety.
  8. Just keep it simple and serve finger foods... So the presenter won´t have to wait for everyone to eat.. and this way you can have a snack and view the items at the same time, and people will buy more and more commission and gifts for you good luck!!!