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What types of finger foods to serve for a children's princess party with about 28 kids plus parents?

I am throwing a princess party for my daughter who will be turning 3. What are some easy finger foods to go with that theam? I am making a princess cake, small cupcakes and flower shaped cookies but not sure what to serve for the main meal? I want the food to be some how related to the princess theam. (medieval theam) what about some creative names for somethings? for example:searve fish crakers and call them Ariel's fishy food. that's the type of ideas I'm looking for. thanks


  1. At my daughter's birthday we served hot dogs, chips, and apple slices for the kids. The adults also had pizza rolls as a choice.
  2. A friend of mine has several little grand kids and she makes veggie plates w/different dips for the little people. She makes either bite size or two bite veggies. She will also have the fruit plates also. Little ones at that age love burgers and fries as long as they are simple ones. Good luck w/all that.
  3. for the kids, cute shaped sandwiches, bagel bites, pizza bites, fruit and veggies go over well with kids as well. For the adults, you could do some crab bites on crackers or something easy and quick like that.
  4. Bite size grill cheese or peanut butter sandwiches.
  5. sausage rolls , sandwiches , vollyvonce ,
  6. Hmm... it looks like you already have enough food which suits your theme perfectly... I think that you don't need to worry about your main meal to really match with the theme. It is because there will be a lot of kids and as you know, kids just don't eat everything. Therefore avoid fish or anything with sauce and spice. Meatballs, chicken and chips, potato croquettes, coctail sousages (the easiest one), may be some fried mushrooms with cheese for adults are all good ideas and everybody loves them. After all, easy finger foods will never match with a princess :) therefore just don't bother your theme. Try to aproach their childish side. They will prefer all these above to any fancy food you will ever make. I assume you have enpugh supplies of ketchup and mayonnaise after all.. Good luck.
  7. I think pizza is always a safe bet and some mini burgers. Or chicken drumsticks with a nice dipping sauce. I always put a big plate of easy to eat fruit out as well like grapes and strawberries or oranges sliced in quarters. They always loved it.
  8. get some of those english muffins and some pizza sauce and alittle cheese and what ever else you might want to add to the top and make little pizzas. The bread from the muffins will be filling and not cost you a whole lot either. ALl kids love pizza. Or some mini burritos or quesadillas. you wont have such a mess with serving since you can just throw what ever you want into the tortilla and roll it up. I would just add little bit of beans and some cheese you wont need to worry about forks or spoons and if you make them right they wont be spilling food all over the floor either. You could cut the floor tortilla into little shapes with a cookie cutter and then add some cheese on top and then melt it. You figure little ones are going to being eyeing the goodies and wont be eatting all that much of the main meal so I would keep it lite so you dont end up wasting food and along with the tortillas with cheese in fancy little shapes you could also cut up some carrots or some fruit into fancy little shapes. Remember this is her party and not yours even tho you are throwing it. All she is going to care about at 3 is having fun and opening presents and eating cake and cookies. I dont think she is going to care to much if the main meal served has to do with a princess
  9. fruit pastsa salad dip chip letteuce celvery
  10. You can never go wrong with good old fashioned Chicken Fingers and Chicken Nuggets for kids and toddlers. If they fall on her dress, it wont make a big stain, and all children love chicken. As for "Princess Food", there is very little that a 3 year can eat that is considered "Princess Food"..Royal meals consist of things like Pigeon and Truffles. Have fun at the party.
  11. hi see if you like my idea Princess Tea Party Menu Drinks Princess Peach Iced Tea Snow White’s Apple Juice Tea Sandwiches The Queen’s Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches Pocahontas Peanut Butter and Jelly Triangles Royal Peanut Butter Squares Jasmine’s Jelly Rolls Ariel’s Apple and Cream Cheese on Cinnamon Bread
  12. cut up fruits and veggies are good finger foods. i have a great fruit dip recipe it is 8oz. cream cheese, 12 oz. cool whip and powdered sugar to taste. cream the cream cheese with a mixer. add cool whip . mix well then add powder sugar maybe a 1/4 cup. it is delious. call it dream cloud.
  13. Serve sandwiches that have been cut with heart or star cookie cutters. Cream cheese and jelly and peanut butter and jelly are perennial favorites. Or whatever filling you think the girls would enjoy. Cover all the nutritional bases by serving chocolate covered strawberries. Make a flower cookie bouquet for the table center piece. Cups of pink lemonade are a suitable beverage for young royalty. For the grand finale, serve your Princess Cake. You can have the girls play hot potato using the poison apple given to Snow White.
  14. hot dogs
  15. cut up fruit-- put 2-3 chunks on a toothpick cheese chunks Teddy Grahams mini Oreos, Ritz Bits Pretzels
  16. The only things I can think of serving are little sandwiches. Find a cookie cutter in the shape of a palace or crown or somehting and serve it like that. Perhaps for dessert you make sugar cookies and shape them with the cookie cutters as well and then have the girls decorate. It will be fun for the girls and tasty treats for the supervising adults.
  17. crackers with jelly and peanutbutter chocolate chip cookies sugar cookies with pink sugar powder on top