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Do feminists ever remind you of the princess who said "let them eat cake"?

Right before the French revolution? They seem so out of touch with what ordinary people are thinking. Don't you think? A slightly pedantic point: The quote was misattributed to Marie Antoinette and actually was "Let them eat brioche" if anything. But that is kinda beside the point people! A slightly pedantic point: The quote was misattributed to Marie Antoinette and actually was "Let them eat brioche" if anything. But that is kinda beside the point people!


  1. No... And by the way the phrase was actually: "Let them eat bread" But was mistranslated :)
  2. Maire Antoinette was young, immature, and inexperienced. That has hardly anything to do with being feminist.
  3. Feminism = The advocacy of equal rights for both genders. THE HORROR OF IT ALL!
  4. sometimes they get a little over zealous but by no means was marie antoinette a feminist. i think feminists just want equal rights for women that men have, i mean we still are treated more "delicately" or with no respect at all and are stereotyped in society.
  5. You mean when the populace of France were slowly starving to death while the elite were feasting. And the when Marie Antoinette was told of their plight "they have no bread" she replied "then let them eat cake". Yes feminists do remind me of this because they do have elitist attitudes. They are out of touch with the general population that they "speak for" and have no sense of responsibility regarding what comes of their actions in the long term. EDIT--I see once again we are rewriting history and that the feminists elements cannot seem to do anything but make disparaging, inane comments rather than answer the question.
  6. The early feminists wanted women to be treated with the same respect as men under the same circumstances. They wanted women to have the same choices as men, which I agree with. A good example of this is Germaine Greer. However, the empowerment of women at the expense of men, I do not agree with. The vast majority of people have inherent value and can offer something good to the world as a whole, regardless of gender. I also don't agree with the argument "Well it happened to us in the past and it was wrong. But it's our turn to do it now. If it was good enough for them...". A rational person does not reciprocate the bad treatment they or the people before them endured out of spite. Even less rational is when this happens to people who were not responsible for it / did not support it. Anyway, my (no doubt chauvinistic to some) rant is over. It's never really healthy to generalise.
  7. Like after fighting for no-fault divorce, they now say, Go ahead and be a housewife. You're SOL if your husband leaves you, (and now he can, on a whim) but Feminism is all about choices! or Choosing single motherhood is so brave! You have to be both mother *and* father to the child! What's that, you can't convince your boyfriend to marry you and raise the baby with you? I wonder why he thinks fathers aren't important? Basically, they want their preferred choices to be 100% legal and carry no social stigma whatsoever. If you happen to decide on another choice, you now have no recourse at all, should you suddenly be forced into becoming a single career mom. If divorce and fatherlessness aren't bad, then fighting for the opposite can't be a societal good. But it's all about choice, right ladies?
  8. Actually, she was the Queen.
  9. the whole thing is blown out of proportion. basically, she showed a lack of political savvy when she alienated those people who were hungry. they were already eating 'cake', which was the burned or discarded bits from baking. and as far as guilt or indulgence, since when is it up to some rich king or queen to feed you? that is honestly YOUR responsibility. And the days were awful...venereal disease was rampant because of promiscuity and the population cared not a hoot for authority. it was a mess.
  10. I am in touch with the commoners! I see them every day working in my gardens and cleaning my quarters. I wave at them every time I pass them in my Rolls Royce.
  11. What do you have against princesses then?
  12. I think feminists are out of touch with how most ordinary people feel. They seem to expect all women to share their own obsessions, but most women do not.
  13. You mean, like when people were reminding H. Harman that what she's unleashing is actually 'reverse discrimination', when she came out with something like 'we need a reverse "push" to change things and men have to live with it...'? Whoa! Talk about asking people to live with reverse discrimination when they're already raising concerns regarding it...I can see the analogy between that attitude and the attitude behind the "if they can't have bread, they can eat cake"