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Princess Birthday Cake Instructions?

Hello! I could really use someones help with a cake I would love to make. I am doing a sheet cake with the decor of the 4 disney princesses! My daughter is turning four and I want it to be special for her. I normally buy the cakes but this year I really want to make it for her. I am really unsure on how to decorate this cake and is hoping someone out there has already done it and will read this. I could really use the instructions along with the tips needed to execute this cake Thanks alot and here is a link to a picture of the cake: I don't believe you need to be a stinky pro at decorating a cake. I never said it would be perfect. Are you a mom? Must not be my daughter would be more happy Knowing I made her a cake instead of just buying ones. So to people who have no help and are just going to tell me not to do it please don't answer. I am here for help not bull*hit!


  1. if you aren't a pro decorator...don't attempt don't know what you're doing..
  2. It looks like it has mini-bundt cakes (like a cupcake tin) used as the skirts, with tiny princess torsos stuck into the tops. You might be able to buy the torsos at Michael's or JoAnn's (or wherever you get cake decorating supplies). ... I had made some princess cakes for my daughters when they were little, but I used a pyrex mixing bowl, and put the doll torso in the top - for one big princess cake. Then you'd just frost the cake, and pipe icing up and around the torso too.....
  3. I believe that cake uses plastic princesses. See if you can find them at a cake decorating store or disney website. (I think I have them from McD's Kids Meals from 15 years ago when my princess was young!) If you have never made icing flowers before than go to a cake decorating store (I think Wal-mart has them too) and buy them already made. You can put flowers around the princesses and dab a little blue on beside Ariel . . . Or take the picture to a local bakery and have them make the basic cake and flowers and then put the figures on yourself. Check out some cake decorating websites for more ideas
  4. You are right -- your daughter will be very happy that you care enough to make her special birthday cake. 159 Amazing Kid Birthday Cakes is free ebook that shows pictures and recipes for some of the most amazing cakes on the Internet, including Princess birthday cakes. Download your free copy at Have fun