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What icing is best for Princess Doll Cake?

I am attempting to make a cake for my daughters birthday. The cake inparticular is a Betty Crocker Cake that I found on youtube. I have made a test run today. I just bought victoria sponge mix packets for the cake which I managed to burn slightly. My biggest problem seems to be the icing. I purchased Silver Spoon Fondant Icing but it is far too runny and just slides off. I have added loads more to it but still not right. In the video it looks more like a thick paste that will set. Can anyone please put me in the right direction?


  1. Cream Cheese Frosting. It's good on everything but pizza.
  2. try royal icing
  3. it looks to me like she's using a buttercream icing so that would be my suggestion also just a suggestion but a sponge cake might be too light of a cake and not hold up well to all that frosting
  4. Fondant Icing is the right one you can try adding icing sugar when you are kneading it to make it less sticky maybe as a result of hot weather or warm kitchen also do not store in the fridge just store at room temp. also too much frosting underneath the fondant will make it slide off!! you can check you tube somemore for tips.they have great videos there which shows ways to use fondant. Good Luck
  5. Well, I cheated this Christmas and used Dr.Oetker's readymade icing; additives & white sugar, I know, but ok for once a year :-0 It rolls and moulds a bit like playdough. And sponge cake mix??? No, love, just put 3 eggs, with their shells on, in the "weight" side of your scales; use them to weigh, separately, butter, golden caster sugar and self-raising flour - the weight of the 3 eggs being the weight of each ingredient. Whisk all until light, then proceed as for the packet stuff. Have fun!
  6. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to use ready to roll fondant icing - also known as sugar paste. Tesco do an own brand version 'Ready Ice' which does the job just as well as the more expensive branded ones. If you want to colour it though you will need to use paste or powder colours otherwise it will go get sticky and difficult to work with. Alternatively leave it white and rely on the 'sprinkles' to add colour and pattern. You will need to put a thin layer of butter cream on the cake to make the sugar paste stick. Then roll out a large circle of sugar paste to about 5mm thick - you can measure the distance over the cake with a piece of string to make sure you have rolled your icing out big enough. Then loosely roll the icing up on your rolling pin and unroll in over the cake. The great thing with this cake design is that you don't need to worry about smoothing the icing out as the pleats in the icing will make it look more like fabric. Just make sure it's stuck at the top and in between the pleats by smoothing it with a cupped hand in an upwards direction. Cut a hole through the icing at the top, pop your doll in and cut a thin strip of icing to make a 'waistband' to cover the join, sticking this on with a little bit of water. Follow the link below for lots of inspiration on decoration. Good luck - I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with it!
  7. I am guessing by the looks of the icing, and the fact that it is a Betty Crocker cake, she is using store bought Betty Crocker icing.In the US you can get it in little tubs at the supermarket.That would be fine for the crumb coating but I think it is too soft to work with, especially for the bodice part of the doll when she uses the star tip.I would suggest making icing with shortening, confectioners sugar and a little milk or water, so you can get a stiffer consistency.Another suggestion,don't make a hole in the layer cake, just the top cake. Or bake the top cake in a bundt pan instead of the bowl.The doll goes in too far and makes the wrong proportion.Put her in up to her hips, not her waist and you will get a much nicer shape.