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Does anyone know where to find Princess Bride cake toppers?

My fiancee and I absolutley adore the movei Princess Bride, but fot the life of me, I cannot find a topper. We're getting married in the fall so i'm searching absolutely everywhere to try to find it, but, alas, this has been to no avail. Does anyone know where I can find one?I will feel so compleatly blessed if someone does, it will make my wedding day so special! Even if it just looks kind of like the regular toppers, I just love the Princess Bride, and I knind of know what I want... it's just finding it that's the problem


  1. what do you mean princess bride cake topper? Like a cartoon of the movie or something?
  2. Browse the site, he does custom orders too, so if you want the Princess Bride, I'm sure he can do it. Good luck
  3. Maybe you can have it custom made? best wishes....................
  4. I looked online and couldn't really find anything, but I did want to just say what an awesome idea! I wish I could have thought of that, my fiance loves that movie (I think it's a great movie, but I've only seen it 2 times...he's seen it 30 times!) You could have it custome made but it'll cost you a ton of money...I would say if you're good at painting figurines, get like a porcelain or clay standard couple wedding cake topper and paint the features in.
  5. I love that movie...but why dint you find a place to bend metal into the Words " AS YOU WISH" If you cake has more then 2 tiers then you could put on word on each tier and maybe your initials on the top?
  6. I don't know if this will help you any but... we are doing a Cinderella themed wedding and I could not find a cake topper that I LOVED (even with all the cinderella cake toppers out there). What I am ending up doing is getting a small jewelry box thing to use as a cake topper. So even though what you find might not be an actual cake topper, you could still use it as one.