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What are some ideas for a 13th birthday cake?

I'm turning 13 in about 2 months and I need some ideas for decorating the cake. I love rock music, I live in Kansas so I'm a country girl, I'm interested in retro things, etc. if you wanted to know some things about me. I don't think the party is really going to have a theme so I'm trying to find cake ideas that will work for anything. Any suggestions? Thanks :)


  1. maybe something like that. maybe not even with the 3-D guitar, but just like a guitar or something?
  2. How about a cake in the shape of Kansas. Just a regular rectangular cake with a bite taken out of the top right.
  3. a simple cake with happy 13th birthday (your name here) in cursive with your favorite color frostings. as for the cake, go get a cake that has ice cream inside of it already!!! yum!
  4. You could try cupcakes... try making an outline of a heart or anything that you may be interested in then place the cupcakes on the outline and frost the cupcakes also use extra frosting to fill in the gaps. Try mixing your favorite colors to make it all your own.