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Birthday cake ideas for a 13 year old girl?

My 13th birthday party is coming up and I desperately need cake ideas. My party doesn't have a theme (its a scavenger hunt) but I would like a really original cake. I would really appreciate some links to some cool, unique cakes. Thank you!


  1. i turned thirteen recently lemme tell you (sorry if you don't agree) but scavenger hunts are for a younger crowd your friends will most certainly make fun of it behind your back...for a cake just do a regular cake nothing fancy just have fun because being plain is better when you get older ( i have a bunch of older friends) try to have a swimming party if you have a pool if not just crank out a grill and have some hot dogs hang outside no board games that's a bit lmao too...hope this helps!
  2. I'm turning 13 in august, and i think for my cake im doing a circle shaped cake. i want to have the fondant in the background pastel pink and fondant green polka dotd on top. im super excited! (and by the way, i think i might do a scavenger hunt too! its not too immature at all.) hope i helped(:
  3. Well you can either call up BaskinRobins or DairyQueen etc. to make an icecream cake, find a good cake maker, or make something yourself. Here are some great cake ideas on these sites, have fun! Good luck! ;)
  4. You could make a cake that isn't very decorative (13 is an ackward age - not yet an adult or even much of a teenager, but no longer a child). Instead of fancy decorations or a theme, you could make it a money cake. To make a money cake you need to get money (coins are most commonly used, such as quarters). Wrap each coin or bill in wax paper, so they don't contaminate the cake. Then, before you ice the cake, slip the money into the cake in various places. The fun will be for the kids eating to see who gets the most money.